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Posted: May 8, 2017 in Gruesome Magazine, Needless Things, Podcasts
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From time to time, I just want promote (plug) stuff that I like. Sometimes it’s podcasts, sometimes it’s writers, sometimes it’s filmmakers. This is one of those podcast times again.

Quick note- All the podcasts mentioned can be found on iTunes. Most of them can also be found on services like Podbean, Stitcher Radio, or other podcasting platforms.

My first two plugs are somewhat self serving. How? I contribute to both websites as a writer and as an occasional podcast guest on one.

Needless Things Podcast and Website

Needless Things is the electronic home of the Phantom Troublemaker and his Needless Things podcast. Tune in every Friday for the podcast, but stick your head in any other time during the week to see what Phantom and the Needless Things Irregulars have on their minds in their various columns.

The Needless Things Website

The Facebook Page

The Facebook Group

The Needless Things Twitter

Gruesome Magazine and Horror News Radio

Tune in or swing by to listen to or read the horror related discussions of the Grue Crew. You can hear the latest from the original crew on the horror News Radio podcast as well as checking out the original crew, new crews, and guests on podcasts like Decades of Horror the 1970s, Decades of Horror the 1980s, Decades of Horror the 1990s, Decades of Horror the Classic Era, and fan podcasts dedicated to shows like American Horror Story and American Gods. Check out the website for news and reviews of classic horror films as well as upcoming releases.

Gruesome Magazine

Gruesome Magazine Podcasts

HNR Facebook Page

Gruesome Magazine Facebook

Gruesome Magazine Twitter


The Kaijucast is the home of one of the best podcasts devoted to Godzilla and all of his giant, rubber-suited friends and foes. If you love the giant, rubber-suited monster films from back in the day and/or the more modern takes on them, this is essential podcast listening for you.

Kaijucast Website

Kaijucast Facebook

Kaijucast Twitter

Something to Wrestle

Bruce Prichard has been one of wrestling’s more controversial figures over the years in fan conversations. Over the last decade or so it’s come to feel like some people hate him while other people… well… hate him somewhat less than those other people. I might not have been in the “HATE” group, but I wasn’t really interested in a podcast by Prichard. Then John Morgan Neal of The Pro Wrestling Roundtable podcast recommended it and I gave it a listen. I’m now hooked.

Bruce Prichard was there for a lot of wrestling history; especially some of the big moments in the WWF. He knows what happened behind the scenes, he knows what happened behind closed doors, and he has no issue with filling in most of the details. And, yeah, it’s almost always details that fans want to know about as the topics are chosen by polling fans on the show’s twitter.

Prichard is quizzed on these various moments in wrestling history by super knowledgeable super fan Conrad Thompson. Thompson is totally willing to bust on Prichard whenever he thinks he’s not shooting straight, but Prichard is shooting straight far more often than not here. If you grew up a fan of pro wrestling, this is a great podcast to listen to.

Something to Wrestle MLW page

Something to Wrestle at Podbean

Something to Wrestle Twitter

Recommended by Derek Tatum (Director of the Dragon Con Horror Track as well as writer of the Dreadpunk/Dreadful Visions blog) some time ago, the Monster Talk podcast is a fantastic listen. Monster Talk is the podcast of Skeptic magazine, and it looks at the worlds of cryptozoology, UFOs, the paranormal, and more from the POV of reason based skepticism. While they don’t subscribe to the existence of the various things they discuss, you can enjoy the talk about the legends and lore around such things even if you do.

Monster Talk podcast

Monster Talk Facebook group

Saving the best (from the perspective of a longtime fan) for last…

The ESO Broadcasting Network

Seven years of podcasting that started with one show and has blossomed over time to twenty-five shows. The network has had more at some points in its history, so what is shown on their site right now isn’t even a complete list of all of the shows that might still be out there (such as Burlesque Atlanta) somewhere on platforms like iTunes.

The tagline for the network is that it’s “your station for all things geek.”

Let me tell you something- it is and then some. It’s also the home of some of the best, most fun to listen to podcasts out there. Station founder Mike Faber and longtime co-host (Cohort?) Mike Gordon lead the crew on the Earth Station One podcast through weekly discussions about geekery in popular culture both old and new, and the rest of the gang keeps the fun going with general topic shows as well as specialty shows devoted to Marvel, DC, Doctor Who,  pro-wrestling, and more. If you’re a fan of anything in pop culture, you will find a favorite show or two in the ESO family of podcasts.

The ESO home page

The ESO Network shows

ESO on Twitter

Just some of the ESO show Facebook pages and groups

ESO Broadcasting Network

Earth Station DCU

Earth Station MCU

Earth Station Who

Transmissions from Atlantis

The 42cast

Then there’s not only a show that appeals to one of my longtime loves, but that I’ve actually been able to be a contributor on. I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on the main show and the Earth Station Who podcast, but I’ve been privileged enough to be invited back on the Pro Wrestling Roundtable on many occasions now. A great crew and a fantastic rotating lineup of guest hosts talk wrestling old and new as well as getting interviews with regional stars like Issac Cain to ROH stars like Jay Lethal to WWE stars like AJ Styles. A great wrestling podcast.

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Facebook

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Twitter

That’s enough for now.

Go listen and enjoy.

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