The Campaign to Help Peter David

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Life, The Blog

Peter David is a longtime writer for Marvel, DC, and various other comic companies. He’s also written a huge number of books over the years as well as co-created a TV show for Nickelodeon, Space Cases, that gave us Jewel Staite as a spaceship mechanic more than just a few years before Firefly did. In other words, he’s probably provided most of you with many hours of entertainment more than just a few times in the past.

Space Cases is a nostalgic favorite for many. It’s also become the long-running source of a major problem that the David family has been dealing with for a very long time now. It’s a long story, and one that Peter David outlined here.

I am in desperate trouble

It was troubling news to see as a fan, but more importantly it was troubling news to see as someone who has met most of the David family more than once and found them all to be wonderful people. Fortunately, the number of fans, friends, and even a few people he’s butted heads with over the years who have been able to help with this situation has been surprisingly large. This has brought the situation up to here.

The Campaign–Update

The news is good, but it’s not great. A lot of ground has been covered, but what’s left to go is nothing to sneeze at. Basically, some more help is needed.

If you can, please help out by contributing at the GoFundMe that’s been set up.

Peter David’s GoFundMe

There are other ways you can donate outlined in the original columns if GoFundMe is a platform you cannot use but want to help.

If you want to help but can’t spare the money, just share the links. Don’t share the link to this blog post, but rather the links to the posts on his website and the link to his GoFundMe campaign page. 

Please help if you can. This campaign has come so far in such a short time, but there’s still a fair stretch of ground left to cover. For all of the entertainment that both Peter and Kathleen David have provided for fans over the years, it’s the least we as fans can try to do now.

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