Thursday Creature Double Feature

Posted: March 9, 2017 in Fiction, Gruesome Magazine, Horror, Movies, Needless Things, Zombies
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Thursday hit as one of those rare beast days where my regularly scheduled Needless Things piece dropped at the same time as one of my Gruesome Magazine pieces. Interestingly, they both have roots in Japan. One looks at a classic kaiju film version of an iconic American monster while the other looks at the modern Japanese take on the ravenous undead.

First up is a look at King Kong Escapes as we ready ourselves to venture to Kong: Skull Island. It was the second and last Japanese King Kong movie that was not the originally planned second film or the planned last Japanese film appearance for the big ape. Plus, well, he did sneak in a guest appearance in Japan after that.

Click here for King Kong Escapes

Over at Gruesome Magazine we take a look at the zombie in manga. Japanese comic books can be off-putting to some American fans who don’t take to the sometimes too cartoony for their taste art style, so even some of their more hardcore written horror titles can fail to deliver. Well, here are three Japanese manga that deal with the zombie with both stories and artwork that any zombie and horror fan may find appealing.

Click here for The Japanese Zombie Invasion

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