A Thursday 2 for 1

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Fiction, Gruesome Magazine, Horror, Movies, Needless Things, Politics


I’ve been contributing to Needless Things for a while now, but I’ve recently become a contributor out the horror themed e-mag Gruesome Magazine as well. My Needless Things pieces drop every Thursday  while my Gruesome Magazine work drops whenever it’s ready. Today both sites had work go live.


Today’s Needless Things piece is a look at some darker fiction that was inspired by fact. It started with a series of questions in a history class. The questions were par for the course, even expected for the subject matter being discussed. But this time the answer came in a different form than most answers before it, and everyone involved learned that some answers can risk being as dangerous as the subject matter being addressed.

Beware of The Wave – http://www.needlessthingssite.com/2017/02/beware-of-wave.html


A family cabin in the woods, a hunting trip gone wrong, and a clan of creatures ready for revenge. Does Hunting Grounds deliver the goods on the horror, the gore, and the creatures? Check the review of the upcoming film over at Gruesome Magazine to find out.

Hunting Grounds – http://gruesomemagazine.com/2017/02/03/hunting-grounds-2017-bigfoot-small-expectations/


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