Welcome to the New Age of the Ministry

Posted: January 22, 2017 in News, Politics
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Anyone with a functioning brain could see these types of words and actions coming from a mile away. All one needed to do was pay attention to Trump’s 30+ years in the public spotlight and especially the man’s words and actions during the Republican Primaries and the actual campaign. The man’s ability when campaigning to to call actual facts a lie and to call others a liar for speaking the truth even as he spouted off a string of lie after lie was unparalleled even in the world of politics. Donald Trump is a man who does not have the ability to distinguish an actual fact from something he simply likes and wants to be a fact, and his habit of lying almost every single time he speaks or tweets about a topic reaches pathological levels. 

He built a campaign in his own image that treated facts and truth with the same level of disregard and outright disdain that he himself did.  Then he won the election and began to create an administration in that image. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer officially gathered the press for the first time to deliver a five-minute statement Saturday in which he made several statements filled with multiple falsehoods. The media noticed this and said something about it. Then Trump sent his official spokesperson for his Ministry of Truth out to talk on the Sunday chat shows. What she did and said- combined with what Trump has said in the last year -made Baghdad Bob look honest in comparison. 

“Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that.”
“alternative facts”
This is the new term for the lies they tell from the same group of people who recently said that there are no such things as facts anymore, that it was all just “opinion” now.
Conway also said that the media calling falsehoods by this administration what they are would require this administration to “rethink our relationship” with the media. Here’s why that comes across as a veiled or even not so veiled threat and should be taken seriously by anyone for whom truth, facts, and reality- not to mention the 1st Amendment -matter. This was said by a woman who works for a man who openly stated that if he were to be elected to the Presidency he would use the powers of the Presidency to go after media outlets that covered him negatively or in ways he didn’t like.
The Trump administration has just told you that it will deliberately lie to you and has said in the last year that any media outlet that reports the facts will be on the outs with a President who promised to work towards destroying media outlets that didn’t cover him in a manner he liked. 
Welcome to 2017
Welcome to Trump’s post-factual America
Welcome to the age of Trump’s Ministry of Truth

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