But I Doubt They Will

Posted: January 19, 2017 in News, Politics

President Barack Obama waves to supporters at an election night party in Chicago to proclaim victory in the 2012 presidential election.

  1. Bill Rohde says:

    I have never seen a legitimate birth certificate. I have also never seen any of academic records or registrations that he reportedly spent millions of someone’s dollars to keep from us. I have never seen any credible refutation that he is a Muslim. He has repeatedly admitted to being an Islamophile at the least. When was the last time we had a President who ran away every year at Christmas and we paid millions and millions for him to vacation during the holidays?? Most of the “he has nots…” I never heard anyway. If circumventing democracy through excessive executive orders is not subverting democracy, then he didn’t do anything but really piss off millions of people who did not see that as the promised transparency.

    Maybe you missed the economic, military, foreign relations degradations we went through in the past 8 years? Maybe you missed the disintegration of racial relations, the increased deaths of law enforcement officers, the honoring of thugs and the increase in racial tensions?

    Join the spoiled entitled masses who behave like children because they lost the election and are behaving unlike the millions who accepted Obama’s election, even second time when he had confirmed his incompetence. Maybe you should consider emigration or suicide?

  2. So, who had less than 24 hours for the first delusional rant devoid of anything related to facts and reality to get posted?

    But at least the question has been definitively answered. No, they can’t bring themselves to admit it.

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