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A Bad Movie PSA

Posted: December 8, 2016 in Entertainment, Movies, Needless Things

The Sequel You Never Knew Existed and Will Wish Didn’t


The year was 1982, and television’s favorite upper-class, well to do P.I. Matt Houston (Lee Horsley) traded in his tailored suits, fancy cars, and quality time with Pamela Hensley for a scruffy look, a large horse, and Kathleen Beller on the big screen. It may have been a step down all the way around; particularly that last one. But, hey, at least he got to play with a really wicked sword with three blades and spring-loaded blade shooting action. I speak, of course, of 1982’s The Sword and the Sorcerer.

It was low budget, it wasn’t blessed with the best writers- two of the three writers involved with it never wrote another movie -or director, and, well, the acting could get a little scenery chewing. But, damn, for kids of a certain age it became one of the vital building blocks in having a love of darker edged fantasy and sword and sorcery cinema. Like a lot of movies coming out at that time, it even teased a sequel film during the end credits; complete with a title already worked out. We were told to watch for the —Coming soon!— continuing adventures of Talon in Tales of the Ancient Empire.