George A. Romero Blames The Walking Dead for Not Being Able to Make a Film? No…

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Horror, Movies, Needless Things, Zombies
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George Romero had a few less than great comments about The Walking Dead and World War Z (film, not book) in a recent interview. Go read the whole interview later. I linked it in the piece and much of the rest of the interview is rather interesting.


Romero, as I just noted, continued his recent trend of bashing The Walking Dead. Totally his right to do so. I’ve certainly done the same. But he also continued his very recent trend of blaming The Walking Dead and the film version of World War Z for being the reason he can’t get the backing he needs to make a new zombie film.

No… Just… No…

I’m a huge George Romero fan, but the painful to fans like me fact of the matter is that there are at least three reasons why he can’t get a zombie film off the ground these days that are far more likely culprits than TWD and WWZ ever could be.

Here they are—>


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