Dragon Con Horror and HNR

Everyone has their two great tastes that taste great together moments. Well, we’ll all be getting to enjoy one of those moments this coming Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This particular version of rich chocolate plunging into creamy peanut butter is going to be in the form of the Grue Crew of Horror News Radio/Decades of Horror descending upon Dragon Con 2016 and landing in the Dragon Con Horror Track as panelists.

The Dragon Horror Track has always over the years and in its various forms put on some great panels to entertain the Dragon Con attendees who were more naturally drawn to the darker side of popular culture. It’s offered up a rotating crew of guests and speakers- some becoming annual regulars, some who come and go, and some who are new faces to Dragon Con regulars. This year’s batch of (mostly) new faces to the Dragon Con scene will include the podcasting crew from Gruesome Magazine, the talents behind the Horror News Radio and Decades of Horror podcasts.


If you’re not familiar with the members of the Grue Crew and don’t know why they’re going to be a great addition to this year’s Dragon Con Horror Track, you need to give yourself a few hours in between now and Dragon Con Day 1 to find out why you will enjoy the hell out of their panels. You can go to the main Gruesome Magazine website and look around their podcasts section where you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that’s not enjoyable to listen to if you want to randomly dig a bit. But let me offer up a few suggestions- a few of their podcasts that are structured more like a single topic panel -as listening pointers.

Listen to them all or just check out a few that look like they’re more your thing. The last link on the list is the most recent Horror News Radio, looking at what’s happening now, providing news and reviews, and doing a bit of trivia. Some were picked just because I loved the episodes. Some were picked because they fall in line with the type of subject matter you’ll find on some of this year’s panels as revealed on the as yet finalized, still tentative schedule and thus give you a taste of how they can handle some of the topics you will be looking at this year on the Horror Track.

Decades of Horror Episode 07 The Sentinel

Decades of Horror Episode 10- The Manitou

Decades of Horror Episode 24- Dracula vs Frankenstein

Decades of Horror Episode 25- Godzilla vs Hedorah

Decades of Horror Episode 26- Vampire Circus

Decades of Horror Episode 30- Tombs of the Blind Dead

Decades of Horror Episode 33- Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

Decades of Horror the 1980s- Return of the Living Dead

Monster Movie Podcast Episode 78– Top 12 Never Released Horror Films

Horror News Radio Episode 174– Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) – Preacher Season 1 – Horror News

Almost all of these can be downloaded as well as streamed from the sites. They’re also all available on iTunes under the Decades of Horror, Horror News Radio, and Monster Movie Podcast names.

From my various posts over the years here, on Needless Things, and on Nerdy Minds, it has to be obvious that I’m a big fan of Dragon Con and that I’m a huge fan of horror. The Grue Crew from Horror News Radio- not counting Bill Mulligan who I already knew years before either of us ever heard an HNR podcast -made me a fan from day one. They- including Bill this time -know their stuff, and, far more importantly here, they know how to be entertaining as hell when talking about the stuff they know.

If you’re going to Dragon Con this year and you are a horror fan of any stripe, this is for you as an attendee a match made in horror heaven. Find their panels on the Dragon Con schedule and then put their panels on your schedule. You will enjoy them, and more importantly you will enjoy yourself.

Dragon Con

Dragon Con Horror Track Page

Dragon Con Horror Track Website

Gruesome Magazine

The Dragon Con Fan Tracks


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