The 2016 Dragon Con Parade Just Got a Lot Easier to See

Posted: August 6, 2016 in Conventions, Dragon Con, Family, Holidays
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ParadeEveryone loves a parade. Dragon Con has one. You may have seen me mention that here before.

Well, there’s some interesting news about the 2016 Dragon Con Parade that just broke the other day that anyone who is going to Dragon Con this year, anyone who can’t go this year but loves the parade, and/or anyone who has never been but is curious might want to know about.

Usually the only way to see the Dragon Con Parade the day of the parade was to be part of the massive crowds on the streets of downtown Atlanta that morning, hang off the balconies around and over the parade route, or try to catch it on DCTV on the closed circuit television channel in a host hotel. This year it’s going to be a little bit different though. For the first time ever the local Atlanta CW will be airing the event live as well as rebroadcasting the parade later that same day in primetime.

This is going to be a great option for those of you who want to see it but always miss out because of the crowds, because of the heat, because of the timing, because of your schedule, or for whatever other reasons get in the way. It certainly gives locals a cool option. You can DVR it while at the con and then watch it later that week after the con rush is over.

It also gives out of towners with accommodating Atlanta area local friends a possible extra option as well. Ask a friend to DVR it, give them a few bucks to cover a blank DVD and postage & handling costs, and ask them to slap it on a disc for you. You’re home and recovered from the con and you get a little con bonus in the mail to enjoy at your leisure.

Love Dragon Con? Love the Dragon Con Parade? Can’t get out there on Peachtree St NE when it happens? Set your DVR at home while you’re at con, find a TV in ANY hotel room the day of the parade, phone a friend, or find a way to stream Atlanta’s CW that day. Whichever way you do it, this year’s Dragon Con Parade just got a lot easier to see.

See you in, as of right now-


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