The Trekkie vs Trekker Fight for a New Generation of Fandom

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Conventions, Needless Things
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Steampunk Vader

I dearly love fandom. I owe a lot of positives in my life these days to being involved in fandom and some of the best people I have in my life these days I met through fandom. But there’s always going to be that group of people in every branch of fandom who show up and do their best to drag things down for everybody else.

Years ago there was what was ultimately a pointless but high profile spat in fandom. A small faction of people in one of the at the time most high profile groups in fandom seemed more focused on attacking people over what were largely meaningless reasons and largely inaccurate claims of significant differences when they should have been enjoying their shared love of genre with them. While their particular bit of heated stupidity has long ago cooled and been mostly forgotten by new generations of fandom, there are new version of the old crew starting up in other branches of fandom.

I talk about one of those in this week’s Needless Things column, and I end it with a request to them.


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