A Meme as Fake as a $3 Bill in Every Way

Posted: March 20, 2016 in News, Politics
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About the 50th time I’ve seen this crawl through my Facebook news feed this last week alone. I’ve seen it popping up elsewhere as well.


I’m really tired of seeing this debunked lie posted over and over and over again. The meme was created (or at least its earliest sourced use is found on) the conservative hack website Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. There are two parts to this lie, the visual and the narrative.

First of all, anyone insisting this is a confirmed picture of Ambassador Stevens being dragged through the streets is just showing they have zero clue what they’re talking about or that they’re just liars. Stevens was killed in the Benghazi attacks in 2012. This photo is from a news story from 2004 about the torture of prisoners in Argentina.



The photo was also later picked up and misused by various blogs for other things as it was done here in this discussion of Bagram in this 2011 piece.


The second half of the lie is the debunked narrative found in the meme that has been pushed over and over again that Stevens was dragged through the streets and tortured for hours on end as Obama, Hillary, and other officials watched and/or ignored his pleas for help.

Ambassador Stevens died during the attack. Local Libyans who were friendly to the US found the Ambassador at the Mission Facility and took him (yes, through the streets but clothed and trying to help him as real photos show) to a local hospital. Once there, despite attempts to revive him, Ambassador Stevens was declared to have no heartbeat and was found to have perished from smoke inhalation and other injuries.


This is also backed when the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a committee fully controlled by Republicans, reported the same thing in their findings where it states that “local Libyans found the remains of Ambassador Stevens in the main diplomatic building at the Benghazi Mission and transported him to the hospital. The Libyans apparently did not realize who the Ambassador was, but they alerted the State Department of his location by using the cell phone that was in the Ambassador’s pocket. Libyan doctors tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Ambassador Stevens upon his arrival at the hospital.”


The Associated Press interviewed the Libyan doctor who treated Stevens. Multiple US and international news agencies spoke to the Libyans who said they had found Stevens. A CNN report actually included amateur video that showed rescuers pulling Stevens through a window and attempting to render him aid. At this point, in the reality based community, it seems to be pretty established fact that Libyans brought Stevens directly to the hospital and there are no signs that anything else, certainly not what’s claimed by this meme and its supporters and promoters, took place.

I get that there are many people out there who greatly dislike Hillary. I even understand the dislike. But stop being this repulsively stupid and dishonest.

It’s bad enough when people feel they have to outright lie to attack others “for the right reason” as is so often seen on social media. When you have to lie about someone else to make your point, you only lower yourself and you make it easier for the person’s supporters to discredit you or to discredit legitimate criticism you (or anyone else) may offer because you’ve proven yourself to be a person that “consider the source” undercuts instantly. Worse, when you allow your hatred of someone else, no matter your claimed justification, to turn you into a liar, especially the sort of liar who engages in lies this vulgar and crass, you’ve lost and they’ve won. You’ve given them the power to make you as bad or worse than them. You’ve allowed your hatred of them to turn you into a crass, vulgar, dishonest peddler of garbage like this.

It’s an easy choice to make. You can be that, or you can have integrity.

Your call.


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