45 Years of the Blind Dead (Podcast Link)

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Entertainment, Horror, Movies, Zombies
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In 1971 Amando de Ossorio introduced the world to a nightmare creation now best known as The Blind Dead. They lasted for four films, all of them watchable, and then sort of disappeared from the genre landscape. They’d make appearances here and there on late night cable and VHS over the years- not always as the Blind Dead though -before getting a fitting DVD treatment in the 2000s.

I had the honor of being able to join Doc Rotten and the Black Saint as well as friend and filmmaker Bill Mulligan to talk about one of my favorite horror creations. The discussion covers the films, behind the scenes trivia (maybe a little too much in my case as I was nervous as hell being a contributor on one of my favorite podcasts), whether or not these creatures that have been shoved into the zombie genre are in fact zombies, and how the film was distributed and marketed over the years in the US. Believe it or not, that last bit is way more interesting than you might think and covers a ripoff you won’t believe.

Follow the link to the website of Gruesome Magazine‘s Decades of Horror Podcast for Episode 30: Tombs of the Blind Dead. You can stream the podcast directly from their page or you can find it on iTunes under Decade of Horror. 



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