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RECSo, M. Night Shyamalan has returned to theaters with a new film, The Visit, and, doubling the fun for the many who like to take the mickey out of him and his works these days, the new film falls under the much despised and ridiculed Found Footage genre. Well, I’m not going to defend M. Night or the film here; especially as I’ve yet to see the new film. However, the release of the film, outside of just starting up the usual M. Night hate on the net, has gotten some people talking about, and hating on, found footage films again.

So, while having no desire to get into M. Night talk here, I do want to talk about found footage films. See, there’s a segment of film fans, especially horror film fans, who automatically hate on anything found footage whether they’ve seen them or not. Just the fact that it’s found footage is enough for some to deem it automatically bad. But the thing is, found footage films are here to stay, and they’re not necessarily bad when the people behind the lens use a little common sense so as to not insult the viewer’s intelligence.

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