Cleanup In Aisle 9: The Top 10 Gruesome Headbusting Scenes in Cinema

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Horror, Movies, The Blog
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Head Games

My friend, NC indie horror film FX artist, director, writer, and actor Bill Mulligan, has landed a gig writing for Gruesome Magazine. His first piece counts down his choices for the best (or most gruesome) scenes in cinema where people’s heads go splat in spectacular fashion.

You can check it out here.

Recommended Listening while Reading- Monster Magnet

  1. I thank you sir!

    Which ones did I leave out? I meant to run this past you before I sent it, just in case I missed something obvious, like a scene from a movie called “HEADBURSTING ALIENS FROM URANUS or something.

    • Too many to think of right now. Plus, well, I liked the goofy shit ones. You know, like watching heads explode when hit by simple machine gun rounds like in Turkey Shoot. Plus there’s all the crazy Asian films where kung fu strikes would explode skulls.

      Not horror, but Wanted Dead or Alive where Gene Simmons runs around in a panic after the pin is pulled on the grenade taped into his mouth and then boom. I mean, this is like a podcast discussion. Way too many and once you start thinking about it you hit so many “Oh, yeah, and then there’s…” thoughts.

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