The 2015 Dragon Con App has Updated

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Conventions, Dragon Con, Entertainment, Family, Holidays
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AppDragon Con‘s 2014 app is now the 2015 app. The app now builds it’s new version on the old, so if you haven’t gotten rid of last year’s app or changed phones, make sure to go in and update the app. I had to do the initial major update manually in my Android’s apps settigs, but after that it started doing the automatic updates just like it did before.

This looks to be the new norm for the Dragon Con app, so, if it was what you used to do with the old apps, don’t get rid of it after this year’s con. It should build on this year’s app come next year if I’m reading things right.

As of about a day ago, the app has also started populating the lists of panels, guests, attendees, and other events as well as giving us the updated floor maps and info. Several friends have generated friend codes and sent them to me, but it looks like the app has a simpler way of tagging friends this year. If you find a friend’s profile, there’s a very Facebook like friend request button on the various attendee’s profiles. The interfaces and access are somewhat improved from last year as well, so points to them on that. 

Now stop reading and get that app updated. Only 12 days, 16 hours, 37 minutes to go.

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