It’s Not Their Fault They Were Filmed That Way

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Entertainment, Horror, Movies, Needless Things


Imagine if you will the following scene.

It’s nighttime along the coast, and a tiny house sits lonely and isolated on the cliff overlooking the sea. The thick fog rolls in slowly, engulfing the house in a cloud made pale blue by the moon’s light. Walking slowly up the steps to the house is a ghastly shell of a man, grey, tattered, and quite clearly dead. He was a pirate in life, and now he seeks revenge on the living for a crime old and long forgotten by all but him and the targets of his supernatural vengeance.

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  1. Jersey's Fire says:

    He reaches down and takes his prize by the hair, lifting it carefully and inspecting it before placing into a sack ‘containing the prizes he’s already collected earlier in the evening.’ Really cracked me up… wow… you made me see the potential of how it could have been… I really felt the part when they make eye contact, what she feels, then fights back… I agree ‘Sometimes you can see a really good story dying to get out, a ripping great film that was ready to be made, but the forces that conspired against it are just too great’ 😦 … I’m left wondering what the ‘Attack of the Crab Monsters’ looks like lol & how the story came to be.

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