The Filmmaking Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus (& Jaysen Buterin)

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Entertainment, Fiction, Horror, Movies, Needless Things
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killuride-HPJI’m not sure what exactly it was that leaked into the water supply of North Carolina a few decades back, but the documented effects of this Substance ‘X’ has been the mutation of a rather sizable number of perfectly normal people into terrifyingly talented indie film creators. So unlike the effects of the various Substance ‘X’ threats we were warned about in one 1950’s science fiction film after another, this has actually been a pretty damned good thing for us. One perfect example of why this is a good thing for us is Jaysen Buterin.

While the majority of his output in his (relatively) short career so far as a writer/director has been in short film work and with his first full-length feature only just announced, he’s managed to pack one hell of a wallop into his work so far. In the case of three of his shorts, the Hot Pink Jesus trilogy, you even have a feature’s worth of material to sit down, sit back with, and enjoy.

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