By the Way, Did You Ever Stop to Feel Stupid Over How You Acted?

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Life, News, Politics
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We’re coming up on a one year anniversary that probably very few people will want to remember, let alone observe. This would be the anniversary of when noticeable chunks of the population turned into screeching, screaming, trembling, frightened, and in some cases unreasonably angry and paranoid children. The start of this was around the beginning of August of 2014, when the news covered the fact that an American Ebola victim who had been a volunteer treating others overseas was being brought into the country to be treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

The hysteria was somewhat small, mostly blips here and there on social media and with noticeable attempts at stoking the fires of fear by idiots like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. But the hysteria was still there and no amount of intelligent, calm, fact based discussion seemed to be able to reach those determined to make public fools of themselves.

Then a few months later it happened. A man who had been traveling overseas and was directly exposed to Ebola returned home to Texas where he then became symptomatic. The initial actions of the hospital and even the CDC did nothing to cover either in glory, but the better-late-than-never proper responses came quickly on the heels of the initial missteps and contained the situation nicely.

Well, at least if you lived in and received your news from the reality based community.

Thing is, the fear mongering idiots and the all too willing to be terrified sheep crawled out of the woodwork for months after that. It was the end of the world! It was the massacre of mankind! Ebola was going to be the new Black Death! The FEMA camps that had been being made ready were going to be filled with the dead and the dying as would the streets of the US! We would be burning bodies in mass pyres in the street. They also claimed that the media was also lying because, always citing sources in high power or in the loop that the person screaming about this claimed they knew, this was a super-strain that was actually airborne, and the CDC and the government had clamped down on the press to keep that a secret for the American people!

Oh, yeah, and, as per the comments of many, it was deliberate. This was Obama’s secret plan unfolding. Martial law! Third term! Thin the population to controllable levels!

The (relatively) semi-sane members of the screaming masses pointed to sources that were still acting (relatively) semi-sane for the fear mongering movement, but that wasn’t really much of an improvement. Rand Paul couldn’t seem to stop himself from running in front of a camera to embarrass himself by spouting off “medical” information on Ebola that was staggeringly inaccurate and misinformed. Fox News became the Ebola/Obama channel for what seemed weeks on end. But the biggest group of screeching Ebola screamers came armed with alternate reality “facts” as fed to them by the members of the lunatic fringe at sources like InfoWars, WND, World Truth TV, The Tea Party News Network, Top Right News, Glenn Beck, and others presenting information to the fearful that contained far more tinfoil than it ever did any facts.

And you couldn’t cut through the bullshit when talking to these people. Present a fact and they would rebut it with lunacy from one of the sources listed above or from others like them while screaming about how you were the problem and you’d be regretting not getting with “the truth” when it was your family dying from Ebola in some government camp. Present them with a basic, common sense concept of why they should calm it down a bit and they simply flipped out and screamed about the latest fantasies of Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, or the fantasy writer of the moment on their favorite conspiracy websites.

Oh, yeah, and Obama hated the military so much that he was deliberately going to get 3,000 soldiers infected with Ebola to either (A) just kill them or (B) bring them back to the US as human Ebola bombs. Funny, but when that didn’t happen I don’t recall any of the people claiming all of that nonsense would happen ever following it up by admitting that they were dumbasses. They just moved on to the next crazy train and kept going.

It’s been almost year now. The total deaths from Ebola on US soil are still what they were when everyone started freaking out and hopping into cabs to for a rush ride to Dumbass Drive and Conspiracy Lane. The bodies didn’t and aren’t piling up in the streets like cordwood, we’re not burning bodies in mass fires like a bad zombie film, we’re not suffering from the effects of a new airborne Black Death, our families are fine, the soldiers are still alive, martial law was never declared, Obama is not planning the cancelation of 2016 elections or planning his third term, and the Ebola epidemic in Africa has been slowing and, in some places, been showing signs of getting under control.

We’re all still alive, and the passengers of the panic train just moved on to the next conspiracy theory/panic attack.

For those people, I asked up top in the header if they ever stopped long enough to feel stupid about how they acted almost one year ago now. Actually, the truth is that I don’t need to ask that question. I know the answer, and the answer is resoundingly in the negative. It’s easy to tell because the same people that pushed the idiocy due to their own hysteria and fear still push the next bit of hysteria and idiocy, still every bit as divorced from reality as it was a year ago, from “news” sources like InfoWars, WND, World Truth TV, The Tea Party News Network, Top Right News, Glenn Beck, and others. So I guess the question becomes as each and every crazy, divorced from reality conspiracy nuttiness that these “news” sources get you worked up over, whether it’s FEMA camps, Birther stupidity, the idiocy of the conspiracy of Obama’s “secret Muslim” status, Jade Helm, Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks as secret transports for the bodies in the coming deliberate plague, Obama’s third term conspiracy theories, Ebola as deliberate plague, or others, will you ever stop to feel stupid about getting suckered one more time long enough to realize that maybe, just maybe, you should stop believing the bullshit from the liars that keep making you look stupid?

Guns and Ebola

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