A Quiet Little Town Called Shadowhawk

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Entertainment, Family, Holidays, Needless Things
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Hidden just a stone’s throw away from I-95 in Smithfield, NC and located in a perfectly modern looking little area sits a tiny little western town that goes by the name of Shadowhawk. It’s a town that was the labor of love for its one time Sheriff, a veteran (and now retired) western character actor named Bill “Wild Bill” Drake.

“Wild Bill” Drake was born and raised in Kenly, NC before heading west to California and Hollywood. Once there, he established himself as reliable character actor with appearances in Bonanza, Big Jake, Gun Smoke, and various television commercials. Years later he would return to North Carolina, but even after getting out of Hollywood you couldn’t quite get Hollywood completely out of Bill.

His response to that back in the bygone days of the late 1990s was building a life sized Old West town in his back yard. The end result was Shadowhawk, a fully functional, picture perfect western movie town where visitors almost feel like they’re walking onto the old ABC Television Center West studio lots.

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