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Madam Satan (5)

Madam Satan: The Piña Colada Song on Acid

Yeah, that sounds like a weird as hell header, but that was more or less my first thought when I heard the story of Madam Satan being discussed. I thought it sounded like The Piña Colada Song, and I wasn’t alone in that thought. My introduction to the film was almost exactly one year ago in the form of one of Bill Mulligan’s contributions to a Con Carolinas panel on overlooked/forgotten films. About half of the audience said the same thing about the plot that I did.

It also got a lot of people curious as to how much of the description of what had to be a drug fantasy version of the film rather than an actual film was real versus how much of it was hyperbole. No one in the audience had ever heard of the film before, and, if memory serves, no other panelist had either. It turned out that it was a real film, and he only got one detail about the very end of the film wrong. Everything else, though? He was totally spot on.