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Posted: March 20, 2015 in Entertainment, Fiction, Horror, Life, Movies, The Blog
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51wT3Z5jh2LJohn Dimes is one of those guys who make it difficult to just check a couple of boxes when attempting to list their creative endeavors. His long list of pastimes has included standup comedy, writing, creating original pieces of art, music, and horror hosting, and that’s just naming a few. The thing is though, the man isn’t just a dabbler. He throws everything he has into everything he does.

“John Dimes brings the same giddiness and joy to horror movies
that I remembered him bringing to comedy when we did open
mikes together.” – Patton Oswalt

His greatest talent in his every endeavor is retaining his unique personality in the finished product. His wit, humor, and wry observations on life shine through in all of his works, filling them with a vibrancy and enjoyment that are as energetic and welcome as the man himself.

“John Dimes is a major talent!” – Fangoria

John Dimes WebsiteIt’s impossible to really do his works justice in a few written words, so the easiest way, the best way, to discover if Mr. Dimes is your cuppa or not is to simply dive in and see. Fortunately that’s not only easy, but it’s also rather affordable. You can find highlights of his horror hosting alter ego, Dr. Sarcofiguy, on Youtube pretty quickly, and some of his written works can be found at Amazon as some pretty good deals.


His Amazon Author page can be found here.


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