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April 28, 1948 - March 12, 2015

April 28, 1948 – March 12, 2015


Children Are Strange

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Family, Life

It’s weird. My son is hitting that awkward (for me) age where he is and isn’t getting “bigger” at the same time.

You look at him from certain angles and he looks like he’s just about to be a teenager, even though he’s only a little over halfway there. He walks around the house and you look at him, seeing this tall (especially when standing next to his baby sister) kid who towers over the toddler who was walking through he same house just a few years ago.

But then you take him out somewhere and it all changes. You take him to dojo and he’s standing there in his gi, damn near the shortest kid in class. His hair flops about giving him the look of a kid half his age, and he again seems to move in that strange “too fast” way that small children do. You know, when they look like a video of a teenager or an adult in motion, but one where the playback speed has been accidentally increased by half. You take him out somewhere to eat afterwards, and he sinks into his seat, most of him disappearing under the table.

Then you get him home again where he suddenly seems to grow again. Then he falls asleep and seems to shrink again. Well, until you have to pick him up and get him off of your side of the bed and into his room. At that point, he seems to grow bigger (and heavier) than ever.

Children are strange.