Support Independent Creators – Curtis Prather (and Crew)

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Entertainment, Fiction, Life, Movies
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Congrats to Curtis Prather.

His short film Shepherd, a short which costars Dick Dyszel (Count Gore De Vol) and Leanna Chamish (Boo de Pest), has been selected in the 17th annual Boston Underground Film Festival, which runs March 25-29. The Boston Underground Film Festival is one of the more respected film fests out there, so it’s a pretty big deal for the film.

No word yet on the date it will screen or even if Prather will be able to attend, but if you have any friends or family in the Boston area, please feel free to share the news with them. If you’re going to be in that area during the festival, think about checking it out.

Updated 3/17/2015 2018 hours.



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