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Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83

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A word of warning here- There be spoilers ahead. I’ll clearly mark when the spoilers start and stop, so you can skip them if you so choose.

A group of space explorers move carefully across the surface of an unexplored world. It’s a foreboding place- seemingly eternally shrouded in darkness and shadows -with thick fog banks rolling across a surface covered in jagged mountain peaks.

They come upon an alien spaceship, broken, rusted, and showing signs of having long ago crashed there. The ship is unusual. Not just in the typical way of being alien in design, but in scale. The entry hatches, the hallways, the locations of the various control panels all indicate a race substantially taller in physical stature than man.

They make their way into the ship, carefully navigating the dark corridors towards its long dormant heart. Once there, they discover- still seated at a set of controls -one of the long dead crew. The body is enormous, easily more than twice the size and bulk of a human. Its cause of death will ultimately be revealed in the film to be from an alien species that uses the bodies of other creatures as hosts so as to continue to spread themselves across the galaxy.