Archive for February 22, 2015

In this hyper-political age we have what seems to be an almost unending debate among the political class of this land over the highly charged topic of immigration reform. Countless hours are spent arguing whether this person or that person should be allowed citizenship for this country, whether still others should even be allowed into the country at all, and of course whether or not we’re giving some “a free pass” to citizenship. But what we have not seen, my friends, is the far more important question being addressed. Should these people be able to bring their monsters with them?

Because, let’s face it, until this is addressed they will continue to come, and, eventually, you will be faced with a kill or be killed situation with a creature that simply refuses to follow the monster slaying rules as you know them. Since we can’t count on legislation, well, we’ll have to turn to education. To that end, seeking to save innocent lives, this series will give you the basics on the monsters that you only think you know but in fact play by other cultural rules.

Today’s monster is the Chinese vampire.