Who Knew that the CDC Was Actually a Marx Brothers Film?

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Life, News, Politics

Ebola was one of the possible US “outbreak” scenarios that should have been one of the easiest possible situations to deal with for an organization like the CDC. Instead we got what feels like an organization sleepwalking through the situation until finally forced to start waking up and paying attention. They’ve damaged their credibility horribly, and they’ve damaged their ability to effective lead the public in situations like this, because, one does wonder, if this is how they handle an “easy” outbreak scenario, how badly would they have handled a truly nightmarish one?

To borrow an analogy from a semi-recent Obama gaffe- We need the Varsity Team in our corner when the serious ship hits the sand, not the JV Team bringing its B-game. But, unfortunately, right now it feels like we’ve got the JV Team. It’s time to fix that and trade up ASAP.

Who Knew that the CDC Was Actually a Marx Brothers Film?.


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