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Crazy 8 Press – Giving the Fans What They Want if Only the Fans Knew That They Were There.


I’m a big fan of Peter David’s work. I’m certainly not the only one.

No One Tells A Story Quite Like Peter David Does

My first real introduction to Peter David’s writing was his amazing run on The Incredible Hulk for Marvel Comics. To this day I rate his run as up there with the original Hulk stories as my favorite take on the Hulk and still find depictions of the dumber “Hulk Smash” Hulk to be less enjoyable as a result.


Did George A. Romero Really Create the Modern Zombie?.

Zombie Car Wash

There’s nothing like a challenge to kick the brain into working at things from angles you never really looked at before. In this case, it was a simple conversation that ended with a friend of mine questioning how something so well-known and well established could even be argued against.

A friend was discussing possible panel discussion topics about horror and, when zombies came up, another friend suggested a discussion about who created the zombie as we know it. He was blown off with a quick answer as to who did it and how silly the idea of even debating it was. There was, he was told, simply no questioning the fact that George A. Romero created the modern zombie. There are, after all, entire books and documentaries dedicated to just that fact.

My comment in response to this was that, hey, they’re still arguing over whether or not the Wright Brothers were really “First in Flight” in America. If that can be seriously debated by various scholars and newspapers then why not this? So I put on my devil’s advocate’s cap and a day later told him that it might actually be easier than he thought. This is the result.