The Last Dragon*Con Boycott Post

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Dragon*Con, Entertainment, Family, Holidays, Life



It’s been an interesting day insofar as events changing plans. I originally had a different post in mind for today. See, I’ve had an interesting two weeks and I was about to get out the hammer and nails and nail someone’s butt to the wall.

Two weeks ago someone who will now, thanks to today’s events, go nameless apparently decided to see just how much they could piss me off if they really tried to do so. The person in question is someone connected to the boycott movement. And they’re not just a drone in the works, but a fairly major name in the thing.

The first thing they did was go after my five-year-old son. They took a photograph of him, screwed with it a bit and decided to use it as a pro-boycott photo piece. My wife dealt with that in very short order. So, of course, they then harassed my wife, who has not written on the boycott anywhere on the web, via Facebook PM. In the messages this person sent, they used foul language, declared that I was not really a cop, informed my wife that she should be concerned (pedophile implied warning) about protecting our son from me, made threats of legal action and, double fun given the deceleration that I wasn’t a cop, said something that strongly implied, if they were to be believed, that they were fishing through the police departments in my area to find out where I worked so that they could file a bogus complaint.

My wife handled the PMs by reporting them. In the meantime, I’ve spent bits and pieces of the last two weeks lining up all my ducks to be ready for any issues that this person would try to create. I sent notification up my chain of command and to the appropriate personnel that a bogus complaint might be coming in. I collected various needed materials, including the screen caps of the PM exchange, to show that the complaint was bogus, and I spent a few hours here and there discussing some things with a few lawyers.

Basically, I made sure that if the complaint was made that I had enough to launch successful legal action of my own ready and prepared. Since the complaint could be shown to be a part of a pattern of personal harassment, I was told that not only was it doable but that I had more than a good chance of seeing some nice cash by the end of it.

So today, while working some overtime, I was mentally composing what I was going to write and had plans to use the screen caps and other materials to, as I said above, nail someone’s butt to the wall. But something interesting happened while I was working.

When I got home, my wife met me at the door and told me to check the net. I asked her what was going on and she just told me that Krista had sent her a message and that I needed to check some stuff on Facebook. So I sat down, logged on, signed in and in short order saw this.

DragonCon/Ace Inc. doesn’t exist anymore.

With Kramer’s legal action against Dragon*Con now out of the way, they were able to take DragonCon/Ace Inc. and merge it into a new company, Dragon Con, Inc., in a buyout/merger. Kramer was cashed out and cut out. He’s staying true to form though and doing what everyone said he would do in such a situation. He plans to sue.

The new company is now run by the five remaining co-founders. They’ve been laying the groundwork for this and ensuring that contracts with DragonCon/Ace Inc. and other commercial and business entities transferred over and are still in play. The convention gets to continue, grow and prosper without this around its neck anymore.

And I don’t care one wit about what happened two weeks ago anymore.

A very good friend of mine had already told me something that made me look at what had happened two weeks ago in a completely different light. He pointed out that if they were going after me, someone with no real fame, following or true influence, like that, then they must be in a position to see that their boycott was failing. If things were going as successfully as they had claimed, they wouldn’t care about me. Anything I wrote would be seen by them as nothing more than spitting into the wind.

At that point, I decided that I was going to write one and only one more Dragon*Con Boycott post. That post would have been the one describing in greater detail what had been going on in the last two weeks and actually naming names. But other than that I pretty much decided I was done with it.

After all, I’d said everything that I thought I could say in just about every way it could be said. I’d even been reducing my presence on various forums and websites where the boycott was being discussed. In over a month, I had only written two posts about the boycott. One actually had nothing to do with the boycott and was more about being amused by Ron Marz’s Twitter actions and the second, while a wee bit sarcastically written, was a three paragraph warning to anybody that might decide that filing a bogus lawsuit against Dragon*Con that the results could be financially devastating. Hey, I’m a bit of a bastard but not enough of one to just sit back and smile as some fellow geek that I disagree with destroys their finances for a year or more.

But other than that? I have things to do that require my writing time elsewhere and all I wanted to think about with regards to Dragon*Con was getting ready to enjoy the vacation with my family. If I wrote anything else in the next two months, it would only have been if something huge came up or if something came out of the events that I had originally been planning to detail with the now aborted post on the subject.

And now I’m going to get about enjoying the next two months, working on some really cool things and looking forward to a great convention weekend. I’ve seen a few comments from some boycott diehards who are trying to drum up a new reason to keep going, but they don’t seem to be having any great success. The fork has been put in this and it’s done. Hopefully, despite Kramer’s threats of new legal action, it’s done for good.

And now I’m going to go to bed. And tomorrow I’m going to enjoy my day off with the family, work on those projects, and keep chugging along with getting ready for Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

See you all at Dragon*Con.


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