Ron Marz Pot, Meet Ron Marz Kettle

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Dragon*Con, Life, The Blog

Edit 9:50 PM, EST 5/23/2013

Two things –

First a note to the many of Ron’s Twitter followers and fans coming here from the referrals on his Twitter page. If you want to post a counterpoint to anything I post, I have no issue with that whatsoever. I welcome it actually. The few who have posted something intelligent have been approved. However, for the larger chunk of you coming over and posting nothing but  string of insults and vulgarities, posting cutesy garbage with fake email addresses like,,, ect… You’re not getting out of the spam filter. Don’t waste your time.

Oh, and to the very special few of you who want to really push it with your comments, don’t forget that, while you may be able to get a post into the system with a fake name and email address… Well, there are other ways to ultimately identify you if you decide to cross a little too far over into the realm of threats.

Second – Ron, you give yourself too much credit. I’m not angry or upset over your little bit of stupidity  You’re frankly just not important enough to warrant that level of an emotional response. If anything, as I said in the comments section before you chimed in here, I find you, your hypocrisy and your inability to either see your own hypocrisy or acknowledge it oddly amusing. I now find your inability to comprehend basic English even more so. 

“Ron Marz ‏@ronmarz 52m
@marco949 Yeah, I’m a coward by not commenting. So I comment, but no, still a coward.

VS What I actually said.

“Now, in all honesty I don’t thank that it makes you a coward any more than I think that the guy you accused of being a coward (for acting exactly like you did) is a coward.”

No wonder you prefer Twitter to blogs. More than handful of words and you seem to get confused. 


I don’t do Twitter. Never had any interest in trying to have conversations limited to a few words at a time or with wrdz turnd 2 jmbls. Besides, I got talked into Facebook some years ago by friends and that eats enough of my free time up as it is. I was so Twitter illiterate that I only just recently discovered that you don’t actually have to have a twitter account in order to read anyone’s tweets.

One of the things that assisted in my recent familiarization with Twitter was an email sent to me by an acquaintance of mine with a link to Ron Marz’s Twitter page. What I saw was… interesting. At the time though, I basically decided to just ignore it. This by the way was what I saw.

Ron Marz - Super Asshat

Ron’s definition of “skeevy” seems to be an interesting one. Posting facts with links that correct the incorrect statements of the Boycott Brigade or attempting to discuss the counterpoint in the argument is somehow offensive to Ron’s delicate sensibilities  Nice to know. And someone should point out to his Boy Wonder sidekick there that I post as me and only me when I post anything at all. I leave the use of multiple names and email accounts or multiple Twitter accounts under various assumed names to the Boycott Brigade.  

But, as I said, I basically decided to ignore it at the time. If Ron wanted to be an asshat, then Ron gets to be an asshat. That’s his right after all. I was a little curious about why he posted the question to Twitter, a place I’m not on and don’t frequent, rather than posting something in one of the various forums I might have actually been and where he saw me discussing the boycott with others, but not curious enough to really give it much thought other than thinking that Ron was maybe a little sketchy for skipping the forums and heading to Twitter to say something about me rather than to me.

Two things recently changed my mind about commenting on this. 

The first was an interesting discovery. Having actually looked at Twitter for the first time and discovered that, unlike many Facebook pages, you can read just about every page without an account, I asked a friend on Twitter how to best use any search engine on it. The reason for this was curiosity about a burst of referrals to my blog that came from Twitter back in April.  The odd thing about the Twitter referral was that it was to the main page and not any specific post. 

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the only reference I could find on Twitter for the time in question was just this one.

Ron Marz Super Asshat

Granted, I didn’t look long, but this is the only link to my blog that I could find to explain the Twitter referrals from April 21st to April 23rd. And, oh, look, it’s Ron Marz. So Ronny Boy knew who I was before asking who I was two weeks later. And, apparently, Ronny Boy not only skipped commenting directly to me on various forums, but he found my blog, skipped commenting here, ran to the safety of his Twitter account, and gave his own special, overly simplistic spin on my position.

It was also kind of funny that he posted that at all. My last blog post on the matter had been almost a full month earlier. Anyone following his link by then were met with short-film reviews. I actually thought that whoever was linking from Twitter was referencing those since they were the second and third highest hits behind the main page. But, nope, it was Ronny Boy being an asshat and a coward from the safety of his Twitter account.

How can I call him a coward you ask? Oh, well, I’m going by Ronny Boy’s own guidelines on what makes one a coward. You see, that’s the second thing moved me to write a nice little “Pot, Meet Kettle” style post. See, the acquaintance of mine who sent me the first link sent me a second link not long ago with a “You won’t believe what a hypocrite this guy is.” note attached.

Old Ronny Boy apparently got upset with someone who wrote a blog post about something said in one of Ronny’s tweets. The gentleman in question apparently has a Twitter account or at least access to a Twitter account through the professional blog in question, but he apparently decided that addressing what was said in actual sentences and paragraphs was preferable to tweet after tweet after tweet. Now, despite the blog being not only readable to all on the web and on a fairly well trafficked site, Ronny Boy took umbrage to this.

The fact that this guy could have responded on Twitter but chose a different forum, even one that Ronny had knowledge of and access to, made him, by the Ronny Boy Rules of the Web, a coward.

Ron Marz Super Asshat and Cowardly Hypocrite

So, Ronny Boy actually came here and, rather than commenting here, skipped off to hide behind his Twitter page and comment, at that time, behind my back. He then later saw me discussing the boycott situation in several forums and, rather than making any comment in them that I can locate, he skipped of to the safety of his Twitter page and talked shit, at that time, behind my back. But when someone else on a blog that Ronny Boy is actually aware of comments on Ronny Boy’s tweets rather than commenting directly to Ronny Boy on his Twitter page, Ronny Boy declares that such an act is an act of cowardice and that the guy was hiding behind his blog.

Hey, Ronny Boy, I don’t have a Twitter account. You found my blog and ran away to hide behind and comment on your Twitter page. You saw me commenting in other forums and ran away to talk shit on and hide behind your twitter page. So, not only are you, Ronny Boy, an asshat, but by your own expressed standards and rules of the web you are a hypocrite and a coward as well.

Good to know.

  1. Bill Mulligan says:


    It’s a problem people get when they feel they have righteousness on their side; they cease to even consider the possibility that they are acting with a level of mendacity that is obvious to any outsider.

    You’d think it would almost be impossible to go too far when going after a pedophile but these geniuses have managed to do the impossible

    • jjchandler says:

      I don’t even care about that right now. Hell, I’m not even especially annoyed about it as much as I am oddly amused.

      I just found it hilarious that he felt the need to, essentially, single me out when all that did was massively spike the views on the site when I hadn’t posted anything on the subject for a month and traffic had slowed down a bit. I also found the whole thing funnier still that he’s done all this behind my back on Twitter and then has a sissy-fit over someone on a well known blog that he’s familiar with commenting on a subject Marz raised in his Twitter posts and calling it an act of cowardice since the guy was “hiding” behind his blog rather than commenting where Marz made the comment originally.

      There’s just something funny about Marz’s total inability to recognize his own glass Twitter house while hurling rocks at others.

      • B-rye says:

        He says he has replied to you. Did you delete his comment?

      • jjchandler says:

        No, I don’t delete comments and I am quite happy to have anyone post a count-point to anything I post. The thing is that WordPress blogs have a moderation queue for first posts. Once you’re approved though, any future posts go straight through automatically.

        The only reason for the delay is that I have a life and a family and I’ve been busy with both all day. I only logged on to the net at all about 20 minutes ago and saw the notifications in my email.

  2. Ron Marz says:

    Nah, not a coward. I frankly don’t know anything about you, or what sites you frequent,other than those where you’re an apologist for a convention that financially benefits an accused serial child molester. So, you know, have fun with that. If I see your conscience, I’ll let it know where you are, since you obviously haven’t seen it in quite some time.

    • jjchandler says:

      “Nah, not a coward.”

      Yeah, you’re a coward.

      And you’re not even a coward because I said so. No, you’re a coward because you said so , Ron. You’re a coward because you stated that you were a coward.

      See, you had your hissy fit and spit your venom and flung your poo at this other guy because he saw you tweet something and, rather than commenting on it where you originally made the comment, on Twitter, he commented on it elsewhere. And you declared that doing such a thing was the act of a coward.

      And the kicker is that he only did it the one time. You did it twice. You saw me comment on something and responded by passing by the sites that contained the original comments and went to the safety and security of your Twitter page twice. By your own declared standards of what makes one a coward, I suppose that makes you twice the coward that you claimed that the other guy was.

      And, no, you being shamed into responding after thirty-plus days in order to save face doesn’t really change the fact that you spent thirty-plus days being a coward by the standards that you yourself laid down.

      Now, in all honesty I don’t thank that it makes you a coward any more than I think that the guy you accused of being a coward (for acting exactly like you did) is a coward. Everyone on the web comments on something or another that they saw elsewhere at some time or another and everyone has their preferred platforms. You like Twitter. I dislike Twitter and its limitations. Apparently the other guy who typed the piece on that outraged you so disliked the limitations of Twitter with regards to laying out a complete argument or counterpoint in one go as well.

      But certainly you qualify as a hypocrite. You spit your venom and had your hissy fit and called someone names for doing to you one time what you did to me twice. Yeah, you’re a hypocrite to be sure.

      “I frankly don’t know anything about you, or what sites you frequent,other than those where you’re an apologist for a convention that financially benefits an accused serial child molester. So, you know, have fun with that. If I see your conscience, I’ll let it know where you are, since you obviously haven’t seen it in quite some time.”

      I’ve seen it, I’ve got it, and it’s quite healthy and intact. But the thing is that there are very real and very legitimate points of disagreement on the matter. There are actually legitimate discussions on the facts of the matter that could be had. But you don’t wan that. You and the rest of the boycott crew have apparently worked out you won’t come out of such discussions or debates as well as you would like to so you pretty much started out from day one throwing around inaccuracies and half facts, demonizing anyone who disagrees with you, and generally acting as if your imagined moral superiority trumps facts and reality.

      It’s quite impressive to see the level of hypocrisy on display by so many in the creative community. I watched so many names ten years ago decry the intellectual dishonesty and bankruptcy of the arguments being put forward by another movement that I now see embracing the playbook of that movement with such gusto.

      There are a lot of facts here that are worthy of discussion and debate and that we would have legitimate disagreements on. And it wouldn’t make either of us more right or wrong than the others when we walked away with different opinions based on the examination of those facts. But you and the rest of the boycott brigade can’t allow that and simply refuse to acknowledge that. No, with you it’s either you support invading Iraq join the boycott or else you’re sympathetic to Saddam/the terrorists supporting a pedophile. And, of course, there’s just no disagreeing with the data your opinions on the matter.

      Fox News and Al Gore would be so proud of your intellectual cowardice and dishonesty.

  3. In working through this and a few of your other long posts, I’m left with the impression that despite your sense of indignation, your rapid digression to name calling and your apparent knowledge of a great deal of minute details regarding this whole matter, you don’t actually seem to comment on the matter most at the heart of the issue for those interested in the matter at hand.

    For me at least, that is: does Kramer derive significant financial income from DragonCon?

    • jjchandler says:

      “your rapid digression to name calling”

      Excuse me? My rapid digression?

      I’ve actually been way more polite about this for far longer than most of the major names in the boycott. I’ve also been way the hell more polite for months now than many of them have from day one or their first comments on the subject.

      I got to enjoy the every delightful Don Murphy and his crew showing up in Dragon*Con forums back in mid-February and calling anyone who disagreed with the boycott pedophiles (something he recently did again while citing me specifically over on Heidi McDonalds’ The Beat) and insulting the physical appearance of the women on the page. I’ve watched various comic pros like Niles and Marz open up their first real discussions on the matter by informing all that anyone who disagrees with their opinion on the matter that they’re scum, scars on fandom, morally inept, pro-pedophile, etc. And I’ve watched the rabid boycott supporters say far worse and make threats.

      Hell, one of the favored supporters in Nancy’s little crusade is a guy name Tim Lieder. He posts in far more discussion boards on the subject than I do. In every single one he slings insults and vulgarities while occasionally wishing death upon people. Tim lieder has stated in multiple forums and on his own blog that Peter David’s stroke was a punishment from God for not supporting the boycott and that, while others were wishing Peter a speedy recovering, flat stated that “can’t with good conscience wish him anything but a death that involves him shitting on himself.”

      And what’s the response from the rest of the Boycott Brigade, from the Average Joe to Nancy herself, to these insults and comments? The response is cheer-leading them on and thanking them for their support. I’ve entered into forums and discussed facts in my posts without insults being used and the responses from day one of this from pros and Average Joes has been insults, venom, accusations of being and wanting to protect pedophiles and threats.

      I’ve been a hell of a lot more polite and for far longer with the boycott participants than any of them have even tried to be with anyone who disagrees with them. Even here, I was having more fun poking a pin in Ron’s hypocrisy balloon than anything else. Had I taken the road of the average boycott supporter, Ron included, the insult level would have been way higher.

      “and your apparent knowledge of a great deal of minute details regarding this whole matter”

      Otherwise just known as knowing facts. It’s something that many in the boycott should try for a change. But that’s not what the organizers of the boycott really want. Hell, Nancy just thanked yet another rabid and insulting idiot for their support for writing an editorial that was so factually confused on every level that the writer switched back and forth between referring to Kramer as a man who has eluded trial on the matter and referring to him as having been tried over this as well as apparently placing his 2000 arrest before the creation of DragonCon/Ace inc.and the first Dragon*Con.

      Nancy doesn’t want facts and most of the boycott supporters don’t like facts anyhow. Just another reason I have no use for them.

      “you don’t actually seem to comment on the matter most at the heart of the issue for those interested in the matter at hand.

      For me at least, that is: does Kramer derive significant financial income from DragonCon?”

      I’ll both answer your question while disagreeing with your opinion on this being the heart of the matter.

      Does he derive significant income from Dragon*Con? Yes. In fact, he’s received more in recent years than in past years since the way dividends payments are calculated is based on overall profit at the end of the fiscal year and Dragon*Con has had far more success and profit in the last four to five years than in the prior eight or nine years. That would be true even calculating his higher percentage of shares in from when all of this started.

      The reason that I disagree with this being the heart of the matter is that it’s irrelevant to the actual statements of the boycott. The assertion of the boycott is that the money that Kramer derives from his shares is what allows him to essentially buy his way out of facing justice. To me, a career cop and someone who’s been in court so many times that I’ve lost count, that’s a ludicrous statement.

      Back when this started, Kramer’s 51% of the shares still only netted him a likely medium to high five figure payment. In 2011, the lawsuit settlement that’s discussed as a full dividend payment was $150,000.

      I’m sorry, but looking at those numbers, or even given the exaggerated claim of the boycott that he’s been getting $150,000 per year since his arrest, there’s no way he’s made enough money per year to buy his way out of facing justice. I’ve seen people, and I mean personally seen people while I was actually in the court, who made more than Kramer makes by far totally fail to avoid justice despite trying very hard to do so. I’ve seen people try to play the medical excuse card in courts and fail. I’ve even seen people with more political connections than Kramer has try to dodge justice and fail.

      Actually, we all have. I don’t know what else you’ve read on my blog, but I point out a perfect counterpoint case to the assertion that the money buys him an out from justice; Scooter Libby. Libby didn’t want to face trial, he had a sitting President and VP who didn’t want him to face trial, he had an entire TV network that wanted him to avoid facing trial, and he had a host of political power players with huge connections who didn’t want him to face trial. He also had more cash than Kramer, Marz, you and I will ever likely have combined and better legal representation than Kramer will ever have. He faced trial and conviction in about two years.

      The money isn’t a problem to me in the matter because the money was not keeping him out of facing justice. An incompetent Gwinnett legal system was doing that very well on its own.

      It also doesn’t matter to me in this equation because their incompetence in handling Kramer finally bit them in the ass and embarrassed them outside the confines of the local system and media.

      “With Kramer’s arrest in Milford, the case had become more than a personal affront to Porter; it was now an embarrassment. His office was supposed to be keeping track of his whereabouts, yet Porter had no idea Kramer was in Connecticut until he got the early morning phone call from Krystal Phillips’s mother”

      Do you want to know the interesting upshot of this? Kramer is making more in dividend payments than ever before based on the success and growth of Dragon*Con. Kramer has also had other sources of income in the last eight years ranging from his social security disability (with back-pay the first year he got it) as well as books that had yet to go out of print and books that have come back and gone into electronic distribution in the last couple of years. And it’s doing him not one bit of good.

      He’s been in jail in either Connecticut or Georgia for the last two years. They’ve finally started denying him bond, house arrest and special privileges as well. They’ve taken his embarrassing them very personally and they’re finally refusing to roll over for his games whenever he asks them to.

      Kramer was a threat to other children after his arrest in 2000 not because of Dragon*Con or what he earned on his shares, but because of the inept handling of his case by the Gwinnett legal system. Kramer was a threat to children and roaming free from coast to coast in 2010 and 2011 before being arrested in Connecticut not because of Dragon*Con or what he earned from his shares, but because of an inept legal system that did such a great job of keeping track of his whereabouts that they didn’t even know where he was at or where else he had had been traveling until contacted about his Connecticut arrest.

      But now he’s a threat to no one.

      He’s stuck in jail and their embarrassment over the matter has seemingly finally gotten them to get their shit together. And once Kramer gets tried and convicted, DragonCon/Ace Inc. then has the legal means necessary to remove him completely whether he wants to sell off his shares or not.

      For that matter, a civil verdict would have given them the same tool. But for whatever reason, the victims’ legal council seems to have been content in advising them to wait as long as it takes for Gwinnett to get their act together and get the criminal trial underway. But, good news fro them and everyone else, that’s looking to happen sooner rather than later whether there’s a boycott or not.

      I don’t see the need to punish people who aren’t Kramer for what Kramer did. I don’t see a need to penalize the businesses in the downtown area that look forward to the over $40 million that Dragon*Con attendees bring into downtown every Labor Day weekend over this. I don’t see the need to tell the attendees of the convention that they shouldn’t go and enjoy themselves and see their friends over this. I don’t see the need to tell my family that we’re not going and not getting together with the friends and family in that area who are also going over this. I especially don’t see the need when the biggest reason that this has dragged on for almost 13 full years, the Gwinnett legal system, isn’t even the target of any of the ire of the boycott.

      I also have an issue with a boycott built on lies, half truths, conspiracy theories and arrogant moral self righteousness.

      And there’s the hypocrisy. I’m not even referring to the subject of this particular post either. Kramer is now locked away in jail. They’re actually finally treating this once again like they really want him to go to trial after screwing around for years, giving in to his demands, and offering to let him out of the charges if he immigrates to another country. Yeah, they really were looking in to letting him do that at one point. He’s not in a position to hurt anyone right now and he’s closer to facing trial than any time in the last ten years.

      Yet were being told that we have to boycott Dragon*Con because he makes money off of his shares. We’re told that if we don’t we’re helping Kramer hurt children. But many of the people who are saying that frequently post about getting the great new program from Apple to do graphics work, getting that new iPad, listening to the newest hit of the moment on their iPod, etc. And the news in the last few years has covered the fact that Apple has sweatshops overseas so oppressive that the workers, made to live at the factory location, are worked until they, adults and children, commit suicide. So we have to boycott Dragon*Con now when Kramer is finally locked away and unable to hurt anyone anymore, but many of them can continue to enjoy sweet tunes, games and apps that continue to fund a company that supports child labor in overseas sweatshops now? Looks too much like too many of them have the morals of convenience on their side.

  4. Mark says:

    Ron Marz is a hypacrite because he likes Roman Polanski films. He’s never been to dragoncon so of course he doesn’t care if gets boycotted based on lies and bullshit.

    Him and guys live Niles are cowards because they only talk shit to people they think they can get away with talking shit to. Lets see Marz and Niles go to the twitter feeds of other professionals who are going to dragoncon this year and talk the shit they talk to fans. Lets see them go to the Elfquest guys or Peter David and talk shit about them being morally inept and scum and scars on the industry. Niles was all into ass kissing mode the other day wishing Harlen Elison a happy birthday and saying on twitter and facebook how much he loved Harlen. He was one of Kramers first vocal supporters and helped raise funds for his defense. He even still supported dragoncon after all these years and only stopped going when his health started to make it harder for him to attend a lot of cons involving long distance traveling. Lets see Niles take his bullshit to Ellison’s page and talk his shit there.

    • jjchandler says:

      Uhm… Okay…

      I’m not sure if he even likes Roman Polanski at all or what that has to do with anything. Polanski made a number of good films before he was charged with his crime and went on the run (an action by him that’s fully and vocally supported by Nancy’s boycott buddy Don Murphy.) If you’ve seen him talking up a Polanski film somewhere, was it pre or post charges and fleeing from justice? Hell, I like The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck. That was made years before he was accused of raping that 13 year old girl. Maybe he just likes stuff like Rosemary’s Baby and not stuff like Death and the Maiden, The Ninth Gate, and The Pianist. Can’t call him a hypocrite on something that flimsy and with zero backing of the claims.

      And, again, other than by the standards that he himself laid down, he’s not really a coward; certainly not for what you cite. I don’t know if he knows Richard and Wendy Pini or if he’s had any discussions with them on the matter or not, but I know that he at least knows Peter David professionally and I’ve seen a couple of discussions about their discussion on the matter (I just can’t find the discussion itself) with quotes. Was he as asinine and insulting with Peter as he has been with his blanket statements and to the fans and strangers that disagrees with him? No. Does it make him a coward for not being as big of an ass with people he knows? No. It just makes him human.

      People tend to be much more damning and much more insulting towards the many faceless, anonymous “thems” when making judgments about them or laying out arguments against them than they are when doing the same towards the people that they know. People always have been and it’s a trait that’s amplified and magnified to the Nth degree by the internet.

      As an example away from this situation- Just look at how people discuss politics on the web. Go to Facebook, the average blog, or the comments sections of various news sites and you see people making comments about people who hold opposing political views that paint a picture of someone seething in venomous disdain for “those people” and of someone who likely has few friends who hold opposing views and likely has strained relationships with some family members over such discussions. Then you meet some of these narrow minded firebrands and… They’re really nothing like the picture that their words paint. They have friends and family that hold even extremely opposite views that they get along fine with. Hell, they might even have a spouse with such views.

      The difference is that the people in their lives are actually people to them. Not only do they have a relationship with them, but they see more in them than just the issue of the moment or the topic being discussed. All of the other faceless, anonymous “thems” out there are blank slates. They can mentally mold them and shape them to be anything that they need them to be and fill them with all of the negative traits that they need to in order to feel justified in unleashing their venom and vitriol and to cast them as the lowest of the low.

      It’s a bit the opposite of what we see in the world’s most useless political poll. You occasionally see pundits jumping for joy over how weak the incumbent is and citing their poor performance against “Unnamed Candidate” in the latest poll. A few months later they look on in disbelief as the incumbent stomps a mud hole into the challenger and walks it dry. Of course they do. They were being polled against a blank slate. Everyone polled saw their perfect candidate in the blank slate. The actual election was against a specific person with all of the flaws and baggage that they brought to the table.

      And, again, that’s an example of what you see with things like this. They won’t talk shit in the same way or to the same degree to friends and people that they know because they see more than just the blank slate that they can fill with every negative trait that they need to see in them in order to be a Class-A Dickhead. It’s no longer a matter of seeing the entire person and respectfully agreeing to disagree on the matter or acknowledging that the person may in fact be a decent person with a fully functioning conscience who disagrees on principle on a matter. No, the person is now a blank slate filled with every negative thing they want to see in them and they are therefore justified in publicly insulting them and calling them the scum of the Earth and the most vile piece of human garbage that they’ve ever dealt with. Some people are self-aware enough to catch themselves falling into that little internet amplified human trait’s trap. Ron and many of the others behind/in support of the boycott are obviously not. But, again, it’s not cowardice. It just means that they’re human.

      To a degree that’s even why I’ve been so specific about who I’m talking about or what types of actions (misrepresentations, outright lies, wishing death on people) I’m talking about with many of my posts. I’ve never mentioned Phil and Kaja Foglio or Kurt Busiek while discussing the matter. Why? They’re boycotting the convention, but they’ve not been arrogantly condescending dicks about it. They’ve made clear that they’ve made their decision but they also make it clear that it’s just that; their decision. They didn’t make their decision not to attend and then set out to be insulting pricks about it from that point on until the convention. As such I try not to just generally broad brush them and everyone else like them with the same comments that are directed at the arrogant pricks blinded by their own deluded sense of self-righteousness.

      So, again, I’d say he’s not a coward based on the guidelines you’ve set down.

      Niles on the other hand is, to a degree, another story. Yeah, he likely suffers the same blindness when declaring that any faceless, anonymous persons are the most vile scum of the Earth and a scar on fandom for daring to disagree with him, but I think he also suffers from an extreme level of staggering ignorance. Niles already proved that he knows almost nothing of the detailed facts and history of the case by making statements and analogies that would have embarrassed anyone who actually knew any facts about this beyond just what they’ve been fed by Nancy. I doubt that he has the first clue what Harlan Ellison said or did back in 2000 to 2002 or what Harlan knew about the case in general when he continued to appear at Dragon*Con in later years. And I certainly doubt that Niles, with all of his apparent Harlan love, knows how Nancy has spun some of what Harlan said at the time to make it come across to the uninformed as if Harlan approved of Kramer molesting children.

      But, hey, why bother learning the facts and history of a situation when you can be such an uninformed prick? From what I’ve seen of Niles on a few other topics, it’s one of the things he enjoys doing and does it well. And he’s still basically just being more human here than he is being a coward.

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