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Edit 9:50 PM, EST 5/23/2013

Two things –

First a note to the many of Ron’s Twitter followers and fans coming here from the referrals on his Twitter page. If you want to post a counterpoint to anything I post, I have no issue with that whatsoever. I welcome it actually. The few who have posted something intelligent have been approved. However, for the larger chunk of you coming over and posting nothing but  string of insults and vulgarities, posting cutesy garbage with fake email addresses like,,, ect… You’re not getting out of the spam filter. Don’t waste your time.

Oh, and to the very special few of you who want to really push it with your comments, don’t forget that, while you may be able to get a post into the system with a fake name and email address… Well, there are other ways to ultimately identify you if you decide to cross a little too far over into the realm of threats.