The Dragon*Con Boycott Part 7 – Nancy Declares that Boycott is No Longer Needed

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Dragon*Con, Entertainment, Life, News, Politics

(Alternate Title – Why Mindless Conspiracy Theories Are Never A Good Idea)

Gwinnett County Courthouse

Well, she didn’t actually say it in those words, but she managed to accidently say it without realizing it. How? It was easy for her. She just slipped into the realm of The Stupid and decided to don her tinfoil hat. Nancy you see has entered into the world of the conspiracy theory. Hey, why not? No facts are required and you can say whatever you want to say about a subject when you visit the Lala Land of Planet Conspiracy.

It’s not even the first conspiracy theory that she’s floated with regards to the entire Kramer fiasco, but it’s certainly the most inadvertently funny.

See, Nancy is of the firm belief that Kramer has been able to dodge justice for all this time because Kramer has had powerful protectors in influential places. Who are these people? She has no idea. What did they have to gain? She has no idea. Is Nancy overdue for some meds? Yeah, she quite probably is.

Here’s Nancy’s trip into the land of the tinfoil hat in all its idiotic glory. Pay particular attention to the middle paragraph.

“Nancy A. Collins posted on 04/01/2013 03:35 PM
@Wrenn_NYC Whatever money Kramer is likely to receive from DragonCon–assuming they finally DO buy him out–will not be his for long. He has a conga line of creditors lined up behind him, including several of the lawyers he’s used and tossed away like Kleenex over the years. And once that money is gone–it’s gone.”

And the DA *has* been trying to prosecute him. Numerous times. Only to be thwarted by various rulings regarding Kramer’s health. Personally, I believe someone far higher up on the political food chain in Georgia was pulling strings for Kramer. Why? Who knows. But whoever they were, they appear to have either died, retired, been voted out of office, or have decided that he’s too big a liability, judging from his current situation.”

BTW, Kramer just got a new criminal attorney two weeks ago–thus delaying his day in court even more. Your DragonCon profits at work.”

Quick aside – I love that last bit. Kramer’s last attorney, Bob Barr, left him for another political run. Kramer therefore needed a new attorney. And this is somehow Dragon*Con profits at work? What, Dragon*Con profits were used to pay a scientist to make a time machine in secret, go back to the founding of our country and ensure that the right to representation was somehow worked into our system to ensure Kramer could get another short delay in his case in 2013? Oh yeah, Nancy is really, really in need of those meds now.


She repeats the conspiracy theory blathering again here.

“Nancy A. Collins says:
04/22/2013 at 6:24 pm
Jon: I am of the opinion one reason Kramer has been able to avoid trial for so long is because someone relatively powerful in Georgia politics pulling strings on his behalf behind the scenes. Why someone would be willing to do something like that is anyone’s guess. Although it would appear whoever it may have been has either died, retired, been voted out of office, or simply decided Kramer was no longer worth the risk, judging from his current situation.”

Now, roll that around in your head for a minute. Do what Nancy apparently doesn’t do and think about what Nancy is really saying here.

Nancy probably thinks she’s creating a wonderful bit of spin and embellishment here designed to create a darker, more sinister, and more corruption filled narrative with regards to the Kramer fiasco in the heads people who she thinks are as shallow in their thought process as she apparently is. But look at what she’s really saying here.

She’s saying that the boycott is now officially irrelevant and basically no longer needed.

Kramer has been, by Nancy’s own version of events, avoiding having to face trial and justice because of highly influential people in places of power and authority. They’ve pulled strings, played cards, and likely cashed in a few favors all to keep Kramer in the clear. Why, that has nothing at all to do with any of the high five-figure to low six-figure dividend payments that Kramer has been getting (in the years he got one) over the last 12 years and, the last time I looked, that’s what the boycott is supposedly all about.

And just look at what else she says with this bit of conspiracy speculation. She says that whoever was helping Kramer to avoid justice is no longer doing so. She says that the strings that were being pulled have been cut and that Kramer is no longer under the protection of the puppet masters who shielded him from justice for the last 12 years. Kramer is now, by her accounting of events, SOL and in it deep. Why, that would mean that Nancy is saying that Kramer is about to face justice no matter what he does or does not get in annual dividends.

Boycott is done, irrelevant, and in need of being put to bed then. The cause of justice is well on its way to being served according to Nancy.

But, apparently, some people are a little swifter on the uptake than Nancy and worked that bit out. A writer for Heidi McDonalds’ website The Beat apparently tries to help Nancy recover from her little oopsie on this one with, well, not very convincing results.

“It’s been said that local politicians have helped keep Kramer out of jail, and Barr certainly qualifies, as Collins pointed out. Also…can this case get any more bizarre?”

The Beat: “It’s been said…”

Yeah, it’s been said by Nancy. That hardly qualifies as a credible source.

The Beat: “Barr certainly qualifies, as Collins pointed out.”

No, he really doesn’t. Nancy throws some “details” out as why she believes that they’re not helping Kramer anymore when she waxes conspiratorial on the matter.

“But whoever they were, they appear to have either died, retired, been voted out of office, or have decided that he’s too big a liability, judging from his current situation.”

And –

“Although it would appear whoever it may have been has either died, retired, been voted out of office, or simply decided Kramer was no longer worth the risk, judging from his current situation.”

How Bob Barr, out of political office since 2003, failed joke Presidential candidate and chronic political party hopper, actually qualifies as a powerful figure in Georgia politics at this point is anyone’s guess, but he certainly doesn’t fit the qualifiers of having died, retired or been voted out of office at a point in time that would explain the current (and finally apparently truly serious at last) treatment of Kramer.

Nice attempt at the save, Beat, but not even close.

But, anyhow, all of you boycott supporters can drop the thing now. Kramer’s protection from justice is gone. He’s up that creek without a paddle and no one who was there with a paddle for him before is currently in the paddle market. Kramer is due to face justice without your efforts. Nancy said so.

Or at least she does until she actually realizes that she did. 


    • jjchandler says:


      You don’t know the half of it. I was actually saving a little something for a more serious post on the subject, but you would not believe how far into nutburger Nancy A. Collins will go to defend the idea that her little conspiracy theory ideas have credibility.

      Nancy launches an absolute doozey of conspiracy theory defense for her silliness in the same article’s comments section from the second link in my post.

      “Nancy A. Collins says:
      04/24/2013 at 3:53 pm
      And I love how everyone rushing to dismiss the “conspiracy” theory that Kramer has benefited from some behind-the-scenes “juice” in order to stay out of a courtroom all these years assumes he doesn’t know/ have dirt on other pedophiles in the state of Georgia.”

      So, in her little world, Kramer has avoided justice not based on the legal system down there handling the matter in an incompetent manner or, as the point of her boycott call supposedly claims, Kramer spending his way out of facing justice, but rather by threatening to out “other pedophiles in the state of Georgia” who are in positions of high power and influence.

      This woman really comes across as someone with some serious mental issues going on.

  1. Sean says:

    I’m going to be shaking my head on this one for a while. A LOOOOOONG while.

  2. JD Lang says:

    I’ve been keeping up with this boycott since it started and just stumbled across your blog today. Nancy Collins doesn’t come across as someone who is very bright. She doesn’t come across as someone who is very honest either. I’ve never even been to Dragoncon but I almost want to go this year just to support it against this stupidity.

  3. Kearstin Walker says:

    I thought you might find this lol funny. Some guy is destroying Nancy and her dimwitted claims in the comments section of a news article and he’s not even really trying to do it. All he’s doing is asking her to back what she’s saying with facts and she can’t do it. lol

    • jjchandler says:

      Okay, that’s funny. His entire deal is just asking her to prove what she says and she can’t. Simple but effective.

      I’m sure she’ll ditch answering him and then he’ll be getting attacked and called names by her or some of her followers in no time.

    • jjchandler says:

      I also doubt that she’s bright enough (or cares enough about actually being able to produce facts to back her claims) to follow his advice to her despite the fact that it would be helpful to her little crusade.

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