A Public Service Announcement for my Friends on Facebook.

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Entertainment, Life

Updated – 02/23/2013


After some checking around the web, it appears that this is not in fact troll passing himself off as Don Murphy, but is in fact the real Don Murphy. You would think that a grown man who runs his own production company and has been involved with such films as the Transformers series, Splice, Shoot ‘Em Up and Real Steel would have better things to do with his time than troll forums on Facebook, throw petty insults, spitting venom, send insulting PMs to people on the forum that he doesn’t know simply because they disagree with him and report cosplayers to Facebook with bogus charges to try and get their character profiles deleted but, apparently, he has all of that time and more.

Much, much more. He’s becoming quite infamous for acting like this on various forums related to his work and other places as well. And he has apparently been acting like this for a good long time now.

Interestingly, on the Facebook forum in question, he has only been sending such PMs and making attempts to get profiles removed to the female Facebook users. But, hey, when Quentin Tarantino can kick your ass, maybe you just feel safest with bullying women.

He’s also attempted to get my blog pulled down by filing a “DMCA Takedown Notice” on the pictures used here. Rather funny given that he’s a public figure and still he claimed that (1) a public profile picture of him used essentially as an identifying aid was the copyrighted materials and that (2) a screen capture of the Facebook notification showing that he’s blocked, a notification with no picture on it whatsoever, was his copyrighted intellectual property. I’ve sent word to Facebook and WordPress explaining the situation, but I’ve also removed the only image on the page that he could make any such claim about; his face. It’s been replaced with an image that’s much truer to the man’s nature insofar as he’s displayed it so far.


This post is in response to the antics of a specific clown on Facebook and the problems he is trying to create for some people. However, these steps are not merely useful for dealing with him. If you have your own version of this clown in your Facebook experience, I suggest that you too follow these steps.


You say that you’re being bothered by an ignorant prick? He’s being an insulting little worm and acting like an emotionally and mentally stunted man-child?  He’s sending you annoying PMs through Facebook and harassing you by reporting your profile for BS reasons? He’s suggesting that you’re assisting pedophiles? No problem! You can block the emotionally and mentally stunted little man-child.

Here is how you can do it in just a few easy steps. We’ll be using as our example today the Facebook profile going by the name of  “Don Murphy” on it’s listing. Whether it’s actually the real Don Murphy, producer of various films, or just some dweeb using his name doesn’t matter. This “Don Murphy has done all the above and more and is thus a perfect step by step example for us.

Oh, and if anyone out there knows the real Don Murphy, assuming that this is in fact not him as you would think that someone in his position would have better things to do with their day than troll Facebook pages and sending harassing messages to other users, they should contact him and let him know that someone is using his name and likeness on Facebook to make him look like a complete ass. Example below and then what you need to do to block him.

Don Murphy in True Form (0)

Real sweetheart, huh? Tends to lead one to believe that he’s nothing more than a fanboy who hates Murphy for his connection to the godawful Transformers series of films and is trying to make him look bad. Who else would have time to post crap like this, harass other users and general be that big of a pain all day and night every day?

Step #1 – Go to the “Don Murphy” profile.

Don Murphy in True Form (3)

As you can see, there’s a drop window tab on the right side of the screen just below the header picture. It’s that little upside down triangle just to the right of the tab that allows you to send him a message. Click on the drop window tab.

Don Murphy in True Form (1)

As you can see, this opens up a window that gives you the option to report or block the fellow. Click that option. This should bring you to the next window.

Don Murphy in True Form (2)

There we go. An option to block the ignorant, insulting, emotionally stunted little man-child. Click that option and then click on the “Confirm” button.

The next thing you should is a message telling you that the idiot is blocked.

You have now blocked this “Don Murphy” fellow. You can’t see his posts or profile any longer, he can’t see you or your posts or profile any longer, and he can no longer send harassing or insulting little PMs.

My suggestion is that anyone else encountering this “Don Murphy” profile and his antics do the same.

You’re welcome.

  1. PT Viper says:

    I’ve run into Don Murphy on various web blogs and forums over the years. He’s a piece of shit who has been doing everything you described and more to people who disagree with him. I hope that dear Miss Karma is every bit the bitch they say she is because he’s long overdue for a nasty visit from her.

  2. What irked me so much about DM was that he was totally unwilling to take what others had said and process it; he just kept repeating his stance, and insulting anyone who said different. He didn’t take it too well when I called him a “primitive screwhead” and for someone that claims to make good movies (he doesn’t) he sure didn’t get the Army of Darkness reference. When I blocked him, it was a much more pleasant foray into the D*Con group. I just never understood why people who are not fans are in the group. It should be a welcome place, not a place where you’re called a pedophile supporter. Good Lord. He needs a new hobby!

    • jjchandler says:

      He’s a friend of Nancy’s. And that’s it in a nutshell. She wants to attack Dragon*Con so he attacks Dragon*Con. And, really, that’s all that this is ultimately about. The two of them are saying things around the net right now that pretty much make it clear that this is much more about Nancy getting even after all these years than it is about justice for the victims or punishment for Kramer.

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