Children are Strange (Part 2)

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Family, Life
As I discussed here, my son confuses the heck out of me at times. A year ago he was confusing me because he loved big, rubber suited live action monster films and TV shows from Japan and could watch them all day with nary a problem while the original Scooby cartoons caused him nightmares. We’ve gone way beyond that one now.
A few weeks ago, I was under the weather thanks to a flu bug. One miserable day in bed I decided to pop a movie into the player to enjoy as I drifted in and out. I picked Shaun of the Dead as that film. At some point, my 4 year old son, already nuts about Plants VS Zombies on the computer, came in and got into bed next to me and started watching the film Now, Shaun is a comedy to be sure, but it’s also a straight up, serious, old school zombie film. It is not rated G in other words.
Ian watched it. Ian watched all of it. Ian loved it.
As a matter of fact, Ian drove mommy nuts all day talking about killing zombies in the house, in the yard and anywhere else he may have been thinking about going. He chased zombies and killed them with his sword all day long and well into the night. He then got up the next day well before I did and killed zombies for a few hours to pass the time before I got up and he asked me to… put Shaun of the Dead (by the film’s correct name) on the big TV in the living room. He’s since watched Shaun with zero issues and zero nightmares. He’s also watched (for variety’s sake and our sanity’s sake since we were up to his seventh or eighth viewing of Shaun) my DVDs of Army of Darkness and I Sell the Dead and watched Xombie: Dead on Arrival (about 20 times) on Netflix streaming. Oh, he’s also big on slashing zombies on the Wii by playing Onechanbara with me in two player mode.
And this hasn’t created the first nightmare or issue other than my wife threatening to kill me after being driven insane by Ian talking about killing zombies at all hours of the day and night.
But then I turned on the animated version of the Hobbit from 1977 that was created by Rankin/Bass. You know, the one with all of the music and songs.
And it gave him a nightmare that night.
So adult and teen themed zombie films and games makes for a happy little Ian who then tells everyone, from family on up to my coworkers, about fighting the zombies, but a kid friendly cartoon with music and songs and funny looking characters gives him a fitful night of bad dreams.
I’m so confused by my son.
In the meantime, my wife also hates my guts because baby girl is walking around holding Godzilla toys in her hands and then doing monster roars at everyone while holding Godzilla up in front of her. No, I didn’t teach her that one. Really, I swear. 

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