Just Hypocrites? Or Something Worse?

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Life, News, Politics
Dear Republicans,
You spent the better part of 2009 and 2010 informing everyone that it was one of your core beliefs that the government needed to stay out of our doctor’s offices and that you resented laws and legislation that would allow bureaucrats to make decisions that should best be left between a doctor and their patient. So why is it that you’ve spent most of 2011 trying to get into doctor’s offices and between doctors and their patients? In multiple states, including my home state of Virginia, you have sought for, fought for and in some cases passed legislation that says that a doctor cannot perform certain medical procedures on their female patients unless the female patients are first subjected to additional unnecessary procedures (even if the doctors themselves say that the procedures are unneeded) that the women have to pay for themselves.
You, the same Republicans that claimed that there was no place in our country for bureaucrats to get between doctors and their patients, are actively working at getting in between doctors and their patients, making medical decisions for them and ordering procedures for them whether they’re needed or not. And you want the patients to foot the bill for your desired additional procedures.
Look, we all know that you’re hypocrites, but the question here is whether or not you’re bastards as well. We get that your platform means that you’re against abortion. We get that you would like to end it. But what you’re pushing for and championing right now isn’t getting rid of it. What you’re doing, and what you likely know that you’re doing, is just finding ways to use the laws to punish women who don’t agree with you.
You’re punishing them emotionally by dragging out an already emotionally painful and trying period. You’re punishing women financially, some of whom are living below the poverty line as it is, by making their doctors carry out unnecessary, unneeded and expensive procedures that you want done to them but that you want them to foot the bill for. And you’re doing that by passing laws that put YOU in between these woman and their doctors and allows YOU to make decisions for medical treatments that you have no right to be making. This is YOU mandating a procedure that does not need to be done and serves no purpose whatsoever.
You know, pretty much the same kind of thing that you spent almost two years declaring was an evil overreach of the government and the bureaucracy when you claimed that the Democrats were doing it. Except, what you claimed that the Democrats wanted to do isn’t what you’re doing since all you’re trying to do is punish a woman, to hurt women and add to their pain and anguish in an already stressful period in their lives, for having an abortion against YOUR wishes.
Look, again, we already know that you’re hypocrites. If you (and the Democrats for that matter) weren’t hypocrites, well, you just wouldn’t be politicians. We as voters have unfortunately gotten used to that kind of thing. But, you know what? You don’t have to be hateful bastards as well.
  1. Lynn says:

    I like your blog, Jerry.

    Lynn Goodbody Davidson

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