Horror Host The Bowman Body at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, VA

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sat. September 24 at 1:30 pm

Finally!  A date is set for the theater premiere.  Festivities will include an appearance by Bill “The Bowman Body” Bowman and they are working on live music and special guest appearances as well for prior to the screening!  They anticipate opportunities to buy collectibles like posters and autographed pictures, but one collectible will only be available to pre-order customers . . .

This film will be a full length feature documentary will be released on Sept. 24, 2011. DVDs will be available on or before that date for pre-order customers.  Mr. Bowman is a member of the team, by the way.

During August, you can pre-order tickets for this event are just $7.50 each through Paypal ($10 at the door).  AND . . . each pre-order gets you a copy of original artwork done for the film by Keith Van Allen (seen at this site http://www.bowmanbody.com/.)  Keith was inspired by Bowman and went on to animate Saturday morning cartoons and even penned Chester Cheatah.

The event is guaranteed to be a fun experience for fans new and old alike. Interested? Then go here (http://www.bowmanbody.com/) to order your tickets or be there Saturday September 24th to get your tickets at the door.

  1. Judy Pollard (nee Richardson) says:

    Bill, I appeared on your Sat. show about 1974 as Beulah Body, your long lost cousin. Also made a public appearance with you. You invited my son,. Jason and I to attend the taping of one of your shows. I worked at WLEE at that time. You are such a gracious and kind person. Jason and I really enjoyed the entire experience. It’s one of my favorite memories. Thank you. Judy Pollard (***) ***-****.

    • Judy,

      I’m not affiliated with Bill, but I know the creator of the documentary and he knows Bill. I edited out the number on the post that you made so that it would not be seen by the public, but I did pass on the full, unedited message to him so that Mr. Bowman might see your kind words.

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