The Biggest Idiot in Cable News Today – MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell

Posted: June 8, 2011 in News, Politics


Yes, for lies and misstatements you can’t top Beck, but at least it seems that you can top Beck for mind boggling stupidity. Lawrence went and proved that tonight.
Lawrence was arguing with a guest about the Weiner scandal and, in a master stroke of “logic” that can only be called mouth breathing, he attacked former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine. Attack him for what you ask? Glad you asked.
Tim Kaine is apparently, according to O’Donnell, a hypocrite for saying that Weiner should resign. How you ask? Because, and this was a doozey, Kaine didn’t declare that Virginia Senator Chuck Robb should resign when his sex scandal happened and he was MIA on the he-should-resign front when Clinton was going through his sex scandals.
Uhm… Yeah…
This is what passes as “logic’ and “thought” for Lawrence O’Donnell when engaged in a political discussion with someone? Kaine is wrong and hypocritical for saying that Weiner should resign for a scandal happening now because he didn’t speak up on scandals that happened 13 and 20 years ago?
Beyond the simple concept of the possibility of someone changing their views on certain issues and on how severely they perceive certain things now VS over a decade ago… Why in the hell would there be any record in the national media or even in the local Virginia media’s archives of Kaine commenting on these issues when he wasn’t a politician of any prominence 13 and 20 years ago. Kaine was a city councilman for most of Clinton’s time in office and he was only picked as Mayor of Richmond (it use to be an appointed position by the city council and not an elected position) in the latter half of 2008.
What media does Lawrence think is going to be banging on Kaine’s door in 1998 to comment on a national scandal involving a sitting POTUS? And who in the hell does Lawrence think would have been interviewing private citizen Tim Kaine about Robb’s scandal 20 years ago?
Dude, we get it. You’re a big fan of Weiner. You want to defend and support Weiner. But, seriously, you’re such a mouth breather that you can’t come up with an argument that doesn’t make you look like THE biggest idiot on cable news today?
How in the hell is it that this drooling idiot is getting paid six figures to prove his moron credentials on a nightly basis while there are guys out there on both sides of the political divide who are 20X smarter than this clown getting paid next to nothing (if not actually nothing) and working away in total obscurity?
  1. Can't Take The Truth! says:


  2. Micha says:

    Jerry, you simple don’t appreciate the genius of Lawrence O’Donnell. Here is a man who looks into the future, sees the possibility of a time traveling device and rightly asks why future Tim Kaine isn’t going to go back in time to condemn Clinton 20 years ago.

    And the “I don’t really know anything about the person I’m replying to” award will go to the person who posted the comment before me. congratulations!

  3. Bill Mulligan says:

    Omigod, that first comment is serious? I thought Bill or Sean were being funny.

    He’s just trying to be the next Olbermann but while I’m not sure that’s even a goal worth pursuing, it’s also a fool’s errand. You have to find your own style.

    Or maybe he has and it’s “Raging Jackass”.

  4. jjchandler says:

    Not Bill or Sean. You get the IP and email used for a post when You’re the admin and get notified about new comments. Not there’s at all and, if they were joking while at a work of public computer, I think they would have done more with the joke by now.

    I left it up though because it made me laugh.

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