Palin – She Can Dish it Out, But She Sure Can’t Take It.

Posted: January 14, 2011 in News, Politics

Just to beat a dead horse here…

Something occurred to me now that a few days have gone by since Palin’s video letter pity party that I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere. Basically, Palin’s response to this, from going into hiding to the asinine “poor-little-me” video, shows just how mentally and emotionally weak she actually is and, further, shows how weak she appears compared to Obama.

It also shows that Palin is cut from the cloth of the whiny child who can dish it out in spades but cannot take it. Let’s start with Palin’s words; specifically Palin’s words to/about Obama.

Palin started her national political career by discussing how Obama, in her world, was a man who hated this country enough to “pal around with terrorists.” Fairly mild and arguing the lie of this statement depends on how far back you want to include a meeting to call it “palling around” with someone. Plus you can make the excuse for Palin here that she was just parroting the campaign talking points rather than thinking for herself.

But then later on, after Palin bailed out on the people of Alaska and quit her job to try and cash in on the notoriety and fame that the campaign gave her, any words that came out of her mouth could only be called her own. And what fun words they were.

Healthcare debates flared and Palin threw herself into the debate with a wonderful series of defamatory and insulting remarks.  Obama wanted to create “Death Panels” for Americans. In Obama’s world and under Obama’s plans, we would have the elderly and any newly born child with a handicap or birth defect marched before Obama’s death panels and deemed unworthy of continued existence.

Obama was basically, by the description of him given by Palin, a murderous ghoul who wanted to kill babies and the elderly. Obama’s dream was to create policy designed to murder countless millions of Americans. Obama essentially dreamed, by her using the example of her own special needs child, almost of a form of eugenics.

Obama was, in Palin’s words, an inhuman monster. And the statements made by others that Palin supported were even worse. And let’s not beat around the bush here; the charge she and other she supported leveled against Obama was that he was a monster who wanted to create a system designed to murder the elderly and the young and to bring about the deaths of millions of Americans. There is no other interpretation of what they said.

Obama didn’t run away. Obama didn’t hide. Obama didn’t cut himself off from the world other than sending overwrought emails to a friend with a talk show to read on the air. Obama didn’t send out a canned video speech declaring himself the victim and playing poor little me.

He kept doing his job.

But then we had the shooting and people dared to suggest that Palin and her map and rhetoric added to the insanity and climate that inspired the shooter or could inspire acts of violence by the mentally unstable. People dared to suggest that just maybe the violent rhetoric and violent images being used by Palin, Palin’s pet Tea Party candidates and others in the Republican Party and Conservative press might not be all that responsible for them to be throwing around; especially given that one of their listed “targets” was gunned down.

So Palin went into hiding. She couldn’t handle it. She hid from the world and sent Glenn Beck overwrought emails to read on air that detailed her troubled time. She sent out a video that was little more than a “poor little me” showcase before going back into hiding. She set herself up for a interview with Hannity for a guaranteed softball helper and pity party.

Basically, the woman who can dish out calling Obama a man who wants to murder millions of Americans, when told that her rhetoric was irresponsible and could have been something that helped push a mentally unstable man over the edge, fell apart. And this is the woman some of you are talking about as a strong leader and as someone who would make a great Republican President? This is the person who some of you want to bank your party’s hopes on in 2012? This “politician” who can dish it out all day long but ducks, runs, quits and hides whenever things get even a little bit tough, who just collapsed faster than a house of cards in a stiff wind because people said her rhetoric may have contributed to the environment that lead to this, is who you want leading the free world?

Seriously, what the hell do you think she’s going to do the first time something serious happens? Whatever you think of what has been said in the last week, it’s nothing compared to what might happen if she’s in office. If she can’t handle something like this without acting like a fragile school girl how in the hell is she going to handle an adversarial world leader? How in the hell is she going to be able to function the first time she orders military action that goes horribly wrong? For that matter, how in the hell is she going to be able to handle the pressure of being a candidate in a Presidential election in the first place?

From day one of her time on the national stage she has shown that she can talk about other people in the lowest possible terms but the second she catches flack she falls apart. From the day she stepped out on stage with McCain she showed that she can’t handle any criticism and that she can’t handle anyone making her look bad (even when it’s her fault she looked bad.) Hell, she’s still nursing her grudge with Katie Couric because Couric dared to ask her questions that Palin was too stupid to be able to answer sensibly.

That’s your idea of a powerful conservative voice? That’s your idea of a powerful conservative leader? That’s your idea of an ideal candidate for 2012?


God help us all if you lot get your wish and she gets anywhere near the Oval Office as anything but a tourist, because if she can’t handle the relatively minor pressure of being a public figure with no real responsibilities and no real ramifications placed on her shoulders from her actions… What the hell do her supporters really think she’s going to do as POTUS the first time there’s a crisis? I’ve got news for them; blaming her failings on the “lamestream media,” running to Hannity, Beck and Fox News for a safe shoulder to cry on and playing “poor little me the victim” for her supporters the first time she has to deal with a major international incident that involves adversarial and/or disrespectful world leaders and criticism from pundits at home just ain’t gonna cut it.


  1. Robyn says:

    Sarah Palin-Michele obama hates dessert
    Random person-sarah palin is a jerk
    Sarah Palin-boo hoo hoo I’m going into hiding

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