Mike Huckabee: Classless Idiot.

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Life, Politics

This is a little late, but I really only saw Huckabee’s full speech from last month’s Values Voter Summit up in DC in the last few days. But the nice thing about a display of towering ignorance like that of Huckabee’s is that the passing of time does nothing to diminish the ignorance and callousness that Mike Huckabee decided he was going to use for his applause line/joke nor the ignorance and callousness of the cheering dolts at the Values Voter Summit.

It seems Huckabee is against the idea of people with a pre-existing condition being able to get health insurance. He points out that, yeah, a lot of people out there actually like that part of the Obama healthcare reforms, but those people are wrong. Here are dear Mikey’s words from his speech.

“Suppose we applied that principle that you can just come along with whatever condition you have and we’re gonna cover you at the same cost we’re covering everybody else ’cause we wanna be fair. Okay, fine. Then let’s do that with our property insurance. And you can call your insurance agent and say, ‘I’d like to buy some insurance for my house.’ He’d say, ‘Tell me about your house.’ ‘Well sir, it burned down yesterday, but I’d like to insure it today.’ And he’ll say ‘I’m sorry, but we can’t insure it after it’s already burned.’ Well, no preexisting conditions.

“How would you like to be able to call your insurance agent for your car and say ‘I want you to insure my car.’ ‘Well tell me about your car.’ ‘Well it was a pretty nice vehicle until my sixteen year-old boy wrecked it yesterday. [He] totaled the thing out but I’d like to get it insurance so we can get it replaced.’ Now how much would a policy cost if it covered everything? About as much as it’s gonna cost for health care in this country.”

Before we discuss what a callous, uncaring ass this man is; let’s discuss what an ignorant fool he is and what ignorant tools anyone who applauded this or thought it was in any way intelligent is. His analogy, if one applies the staggering effort of about two seconds of thought to it, fails on every level.

His analogy for a person with a pre-existing condition getting health insurance coverage is to compare a human being to a house or a car; a house that’s burned to the ground and a car that’s been totaled. Hey, Mikey, do you know why you’re an idiot for making that analogy? Let me tell you why.

You’re talking about getting insurance after the fact for a car and a house that have been destroyed so that the owners can get new ones. Starting to figure it out on your own yet, Mikey? If the car and the house are so far gone that they have to be completely replaced with new ones then the originals are, for all intents and purposes, dead. For the sorry excuse you have for wit and wisdom to be even close to workable we would have to be letting people insure the dead after they die.

But I’m sure some of the Huckabee defenders out there are saying it works even if it’s not that extreme. I’m sure you’re about to point out that the car and the house wouldn’t have to be totaled for his analogy to work. Well, I’m here to tell you that, to a degree, your auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance does take on pre-existing conditions.

If you buy a used car you buy a car with pre-existing wear and tear and a history of breakdowns and repairs. Buy a used car with 85,000 miles on it that’s never blown out its transmission and the odds are pretty good that you’re looking at a guaranteed major breakdown sometime down the road. Should your transmission blow out at the wrong moment and an accident results the insurance company will still cover the costs for the accident. They don’t point out that your transmission had pre-existing wear and tear so they’re off the hook.

If you buy a house and you’re not the first owners then it has pre-existing conditions. If the water pipe blows and you come home from work to find that all of the things in your living room are now floating in your new pool the insurance company doesn’t point out the fact that the pipes had been weakening and rusting in that spot for years now and they won’t cover you because of the pre-existing condition.

So, yeah, they kinda do cover pre-existing conditions. Plus, beyond that, a human being isn’t an inanimate object. Apparently the key difference between Huckabee and people with a functioning brain and soul is that he doesn’t quite understand that concept.

Now let me give you the personal reason why I think this guy is a classless, callous idiot. My wife has a pre-existing condition. When she was a younger she was out with her family in the family car and someone rear ended their car. Something in the car struck my wife hard in the back of the head and the damage that the impact did caused her to develop a seizure disorder. This then later qualified as a pre-existing condition and she could not get insurance coverage.

But the thing is that my wife managed the condition quite well. When we first met she hadn’t had a seizure in over ten years. She took her medication, she did what the doctors told her to do and she avoided the types of things that could trigger a seizure. She had it under control. But she still could not get health insurance to cover the things not related to her condition that all of us with coverage take for granted.

In all the years that she had no insurance coverage she had to think twice and sometimes three times about basic health issues that you and I take for granted. If you or I are sick with the flu or some other bad bug we have the luxury of heading down the street to the doctor’s office and getting checked out and getting the medication we need for a co-pay that’s usually no more than $40 or $50 dollars. Someone with a pre-existing condition would have to decide if they can even afford to go to the doctor at all.

And they certainly dread the idea of  anything really serious happening to them even more than you or I do because, even if it’s not related to their pre-existing condition, they can’t get covered and they could be on the hook for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

And even necessary health needs can get put off because people simply cannot afford them. My wife and I ended up getting legally married quite a few months before we had the ceremony for everyone else to attend because of exactly this thing. My wife had put off a number of things that she desperately needed addressing for a while because she could not afford the thousands upon thousands of dollars it would have cost her. We got legally wed early so that she could get on my insurance as my spouse and get these things addressed. Had she not met me when she did or had we not gotten married she would have very likely begun to have serious issues with her health and no way to deal with everything that needed to be done.

And, again, she was hardly alone in this situation. But the fact that real people are really suffering out there doesn’t matter to Huckabee one wit when he needs to throw people like that into the gutter for the chance for a little political gain. Mike Huckabee’s worldview in moments like that is one shared by many in his party. It’s explained as simply and easily as, “I’ve got mine and screw you.”

In Mike Huckabee’s world, he would happily let others suffer while he goes to stand in front of a bunch of fellow “values” people at events like the Value Voters Summit and crack jokes about their suffering to the applause of these drooling idiots. Huckabee is classless, callous, uncaring and deserving of nothing less than to become the irrelevant party hack he’s working so hard at making himself out to be.

  1. bryanD says:

    This is off-topic. Great slap-down of the detestable watzit, Jay Tea’s 19th Amendment thread at Wizbang. Namely your last comment (which JT, being JT, shrinks from, ha-ha-Crickmore-zzz, etc).

    (I could almost swear he’s a 50-year old career copy boy at a relative’s home office; his outlook is that damn narrow and his spearheads that dull.)

    BTW what is this “PAD” blog/thing/site in reference to? Jay Tea seemed rather coy about it. (Lord knows Jay Tea doesn’t mind the excess typing, usually, so PAD seems a euphemism. Perhaps a place where he hides his “naval fiction”?)

    • jjchandler says:

      PAD’s Blog is a reference to the Blog of writer Peter David. Since Peter writes novels, comics and the occasional TV and movie script in the sci-fi/fantasy veins the blog addresses topics like that, but it also covers stuff that Peter likes outside of that realm like sports and politics.

      Jay tends to hit and run that blog a bit. He comes in all fire and fury, but he usually disappears rather quickly when his more wildly partisan claims and statements are refuted with undeniable, documented fact.

      The site is Peterdavid.net and it’s usually kind of fun.

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