Some People Just Don’t Deserve Any Help

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Life
Wow… Just… Wow…
So I was looking around the net earlier today and looked in on the John Byrne Forum to see if there were any new artwork pieces up or to see if John was having one of his famous and highly entertaining meltdowns. John Byrne, for those of you who don’t know the man, was a huge artist and writer for the comic book industry in the 80’s. His work helped define the X-Men for a new generation and his work with Superman still shapes the way many see the character now.
Throughout the 90’s an the 00’s he’s come down a bit in stature, but he’s still an excellent artist. As a human being he’s a bit of an arrogant prick, petulant man-child and notorious liar. But his artwork is still some of the best out there.
While looking over several nice new commissions he had posted I came across a thread titled “Facebook” and was curious about what dear John had to say about the subject since he is notorious in his dislike of any portion or the world wide web that he cannot control completely and utterly. It seems that John had his ire raised, and not totally without merit, by a Facebook page for John Byrne with a picture of Byrne in the slot where the usual page’s owner is.
Here’s the page.
And here’s what John said.
Byrne: Anybody know how to make THIS go away?”
There is a disclaimer on the left side of the page:This is only a fanpage. John Byrne is NOT the creator, nor moderator of this profile


Byrne: However, at the bottom of the page there is a block of copy that indicates I am actively involved with maintaining and editing it — which I am not. I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday.”

Now, the page itself does have a small disclaimer on it, but it’s simply named “John Byrne” and John himself apparently isn’t that thrilled with it. Several of his regular forum members have even stated that they’re “apparently” members of the Facebook page and have now flagged it to Facebook administrators with a notice that the real John Byrne is not happy with this page’s existence.

me, being big enough of a dumbass to think I should be nice to a total stranger, logged into my Facebook account and sent the guy a message. I gave him a link to the John Byrne Forum page where the page was being discussed and mentioned that, given John’s long history with being a major prick over issues like this, he might want to change the name of the page to something like The John Byrne Fan Page” or something along those lines so that John wouldn’t have quite the case of getting his fan page killed that he might with a page just called “John Byrne” and sporting a picture of John where the owner’s photo usually is.

Hey, I figured I would be grateful for the heads up in a situation like that. I figured wrong.

About an hour ago I received this delightfully ignorant and laughably “outraged” response back from one Mr. Erik Black.

Subject: John Byrne Fan Page
Hello “jerry” 

Despite you running to teacher rest assured that the JOHN BYRNE FAN PAGE will remain as is.

John Byrne does not control the internet and we as TRUE FANS have the RIGHT to post on facebook and wikipedia ok?

Even if the page is taken down i vow to start a new one as is my right.

This is the USA not communist Russia ok?


You’re welcome Erik. I hope John shuts your ass down this and every time you create a page like this on a forum like Facebook and name it with simply the name “John Byrne” rather than giving it a fan page title.

  1. Sean says:

    I’m mystified as to why your name wasn’t capitalized and in quotes. This could prove amusing.

  2. jjchandler says:

    I can tell you why it wasn’t. I’m a “fake fan” doing bad things. From the page…

    Erik Black: Do not listen to “Jerry Chandler” people – he is what we call a “Crusader” – he presumes to speak for Mr. Byrne while in reality he just rides the same bus.

    This page will not go “bye bye” despite Mr. Byrne’s futile …efforts to control the internet. This is a fan page run by FANS and it is our RIGHT to post what we please. We do not need his permission (if that even is the real Mr. Byrne at the “forum”). The good people at Facebook understand this (as did the good people at Wikipedia).

    If anything happens to this page I promise to start a new John Byrne page despite the best efforts of some fake fans.

    The guys as big a prick as Byrne. Like I said, I hope he has all the problems that Byrne can create for him. He deserves it.

  3. Bill Mulligan says:

    What a dope. I’m going to go make fun of him now.

  4. Sean says:

    You know, the more I think about it, shouldn’t a fan page NOT tick off/annoy/irritate/give fodder for nasty things to happen to the creators in a later story/make them want to give SUCH A PINCH/anger the person it’s dedicated to? Hey, the moron running my blog irritates the living crap out of me most of the time and…oh, wait a minute…

  5. Shafaira says:

    HERE HERE!!! What an idiot!!!! GREAT RESPONSE JERRY!!!

  6. Micha says:

    I was also amused by the quotes. You can put anything in quotes and make it sound sinister. (“sinister”)

    What a moron.

  7. Sean says:

    Yeah, I’ve been putting all of YOU in quotes for a long time.

  8. jjchandler says:

    Why have you been putting “YOU” in all caps?

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