Can We Just Laugh At Them Now???

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Politics

You’ve gotta love the chat-show-Right and the conservative news media. When Obama and Hillary were fighting it out over their party’s nomination the talking heads on the Right were bemoaning the “fact” that Obama’s success was proof that even Hillary was “too conservative” for the now fringe controlled Democratic party. His winning the nomination was, so they said, the nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party since it was clearly a party out of touch with Main Street America and in bed with the farthest Left nutjobs.

Then we had the actual election run up. The talking point was that Obama was the most liberal candidate ever run by the Democratic Party and his voting record was the most liberal of anyone who ever served in Congress.  Why, he was even more liberal than the last twenty Democratic candidates that the Right claimed was the most liberal human to have ever been alive!

And what Obama campaigned on was the greatest threat ever known to our country! Why it was, so the conservative talking heads said, unabashed socialism! Obama was running on a platform that was so shamelessly socialist that it put him just to the left of socialist Russia.

And then he won.

Suddenly the same talking heads that called the man the most left voting, socialist running and fringe candidate ever fielded by a political party were saying that his election victory was in fact a victory for conservatism. Despite almost a full year of their own words to the contrary; the new talking point that they pushed with completely straight faces was that Obama ran as a conservative. He won the election because he espoused conservative values and promoted a conservative platform for his candidacy.


So now we flash forward to today. I’ve been listening to Fox News (I know, my first mistake.) on my XM today. What’s the talking point this weekend? Obama the liberal leftist fringe guy is abandoning his left leaning ways and snubbing the Left Fringe. How? He’s abandoned his liberal and socialist campaign promises that destroyed our economy with his election and he’s appointing conservative Democrats to his cabinet now that the ship has hit the sand financially so as to calm Wall Street and Main Street. He is being “dragged from the far Left” and toward the center by the state of the economy.


Why are any of these guys still employed? How can anyone take these mouth breathers seriously at this point? I mean, even the biggest Kool-Aid drinkers that tune in to these guys must have their heads spinning just trying to do the mental gymnastics to keep up with this comedy. Two really big jokes here.

(1) The talking point that these guys have on Obama’s picks is that it’s a bunch of warmed over Clinton appointees. Obama is setting up The Bill Clinton Administration 2.0. Now most of these guys have books, archived editorial columns and/or recorded comments from the 90s. I don’t remember these wonder dummies calling the Clinton Administration a “Conservative” administration. I pretty clearly remember the exact opposite actually. I mean, they’re still bring up Clinton and the “ultra-liberal” things he and his administration did as the cause of the economic meltdown and social problems we have now. Well, at least they do when they’re not claiming that this is the “Obama Economy” every third sentence. But now the talking point is that these same guys were all part of a conservative Democratic movement and a sign that Obama is abandoning the ultra-extreme leftist platforms that he ran on (while running as a conservative) just a few short months ago. Oooooooookay.

(2) Are they on drugs? well, I mean besides Rush who we all know partakes from time to time. I mean, the only people who can make a string of statements like that and think it’s logical and coherent are usually stoned out of their minds. Seriously, try and say the whole thing and not laugh yourself silly at the stupidity of it.

The combined talking points of the last year: Obama was the most fringe left running candidate that the Democrats ever ran, but he won by running as a conservative. However, he’s now abandoning the fringe left that he ran to during the campaign in order to reassure Wall Street by appointing “conservative Democrats” to his future cabinet who were themselves a part of the ultra liberal leaning Clinton administration and are themselves responsible for the socialist policies that destroyed our economy and, skipping right over eight years of the Bush economic policies and twelve years of a Republican run Congress, brought us the disastrous “Obama Economy” that we now have.

it’s gotta be drugs. Even I wouldn’t have thought that this many of the Fox News crew and the chat show goons that have been joining the chorus were this shameless and hypocritical. Fox News and Clear Channel Communications needs to implement mandatory weekly drug tests pronto quick. It may be the only way that they can salvage what little credibility they ever had.

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  2. Sean says:

    How are these people still employed? They’re exactly what Fox wants. The only person on that network that I think is sincere in what he’s saying is Bill O’Reilly. He actually seems to have some thought behind what he says.
    I have a friend who had a couple conservative radio personalities come in to lecture to the class. (A radio class, clearly.) One of them, who out of respect I’ll not name, used to be a fairly regular contributor to Fox News. He spoke to the class of how the production crew kept trying to make this guy, already a conservative, MORE conservative. At one point during the segment, the host tossed to Mr. X and the producers were in his ear peice telling him what to say. At this point he took the ear piece out and spoke his mind. He hasn’t been back on there since. It’s all about the packaging.

  3. jjchandler says:

    Yeah, but even though I cited Fox News it’s not just them. The Right leaning talking heads on CNN and MSNBC have made comments along those lines as well.

    I mean, I expect garbage like this from guys like Rove and Morris, but some of the people barfing out the talking points of the day are actually surprising me.

  4. Bill Myers says:

    jjchandler: “…but some of the people barfing out the talking points of the day are actually surprising me.”

    They’re a reflection of their intended audience. Unfortunately, there is a market for that kind of drivel and as long as there is demand, there will be supply.

    All is not lost. Conservative commentator David Brooks, former Secretary of State James Baker, and even Karl Rove (yes, him!) have actually found reasons to praise Obama for his competence rather than tear him down for his ideology.

    If Obama plays his cards right, I believe he can be the “uniter, not a divider” Dubya claimed to be but wasn’t. It won’t be easy, but I believe Obama is a tough and smart man. He may be up to the challenge.

  5. jjchandler says:

    I hope you’re right, Bill. I hope that every doubt or worry I had about Obama is kicked between the uprights and he pulls this off better than you or I could have hoped for.

  6. Bill Myers says:

    Jerry, I don’t think your every doubt about Obama will be dispelled. As great a man as Obama appears to be, he is a human being. He’ll make mistakes, missteps, misjudgments.

    There is a saying in golf that its not how good your shots are, it’s how good your BAD shots are that makes or breaks your game. Our current president has shown a remarkable inability to correct course or learn from his mistakes. If Obama can show the intellectual agility and flexibility our current president lacks, that will go a long way toward helping us out of our current morass.

    Heh. I said “more ass.” 🙂

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