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Jenn’s Knee… Again.

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Life
AKA “Why Doctors are Useless Idiots!”
   Ah, the fun just never ends. One of the things that the doctors warned Jenn to be on the lookout for was if she started running a high fever. They said that it would be “really bad” if the her temperature was floating at 101 or above. So, of course, Jenn decides to start running a fever of over 101 Sunday morning.
   So we called the emergency number they gave us. They said that we would get a call from a doctor on duty in about thirty minutes.
   Jenn called again. They said we would get a call from a doctor on duty in about thirty minutes. We didn’t have to wait so long this time. However, by the time the conversation was over we were wondering why we even bothered.
   Jenn was told that the usual advice was to take an aspirin, but since her pain meds had Tylenol in them it wouldn’t do any good to take an aspirin. Their advice? Keep warm and call back if the fever got too much worse than its present 101.5 reading.
   Uhm… Yeah… Ok…
   Today she’s still floating around 101 and the leg still flairs up in really bad pain from time to time. We’re watching for any obvious signs of problems (swelling, red streaks, drainage, etc) with the area of the operation, but everything other than the fever and the pain seems normal. Hopefully things with her knee will be calming down a bit in the next 24 hours. I have to go back to work on Wednesday of this week and I really don’t need to be zonked out of my mind Wednesday night due to another ER trip unfortunately timed for around Tuesday night.