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Jenn’s Knee Surgery.

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Life
   The annoying thing about life is that it likes to let you go to sleep on a high note only to wake you up to a low note. Or, as the case was this morning, a shrill note.
   Yesterday was Jenn’s scheduled knee surgery. We went in at just before noon for the run of the mill question and answer sessions that hospitals love to do and got to wait for what seemed like forever for her 2:30 surgery. The surgery itself only took about half of that time and seemed to go pretty smoothly. They were going in to repair a torn meniscus tendon but they found that it wasn’t torn. The pain and swelling issues, along with the knee actually failing to support her standing up from a seated position from time to time, were actually the result of a minor worn spot in the tendon caused by a “stress fissure” on the underside of Jenn’s kneecap. It was something like a crack from the way they described it, they just don’t classify it as such.
   Jenn surprised them by coming around before they had wheeled her back to the recovery room and they watched her closely since her readings (blood pressure, respiration, etc)  were all on the low side. Didn’t surprise her in the least. They’re always low and she told them that before the surgery. After an hour’s worth of extra waiting they finally called me and told me I could come back to the waiting area.
   We did the mandatory sit around and do nothing before they finally let me get the car and load Jenn up for the journey home. Once home, we set Jenn up with a comfy recliner and a comfy bed and let her relax. Last night we waited until midnight for Jenn to be able to take her first pain killer and rack out for sleep.
   About 4:30 this morning Jenn woke up in extreme pain. Her leg was getting worse and worse even after taking another pain pill. She got up and called the hospital about the pain. They told her to take another pain pill and wait an hour or two.
   Now, you have to understand something about my wife and pain. She doesn’t really notice it that much. Because of several medical issues she has she’s been living with a low level of constant pain for over half of her life now. She’s also had two knee surgeries, a broken back, a botched cesarean section that came open the day she was supposed to come home from the hospital and various other painful things in between. She knows pain, she knows what is and isn’t supposed to be right and wrong pain levels when under medication and she usually has a high level of tolerance for it.
   That tolerance was getting slapped into the dirt this morning. After her third (recommended by the doctor on the phone) pain pill in three hours she was in tears and clutching my hand so hard that she was about to put her finger nails through my palm and out the back of my hand. She decided that she wasn’t waiting any longer and that she was going to the ER right then and there.
   Jenn’s mom took her in (she was staying with us to help out) as Jenn wanted me home for when stinky butt woke up a couple of hours from then. The plan was for me to get him up, changed and fed and then go on in to the hospital. Well, three out of four ain’t bad.
   Jenn called a little bit a go. She’s headed for a spot of breakfast with her mom and then coming home. The surgery went a little farther than it should have and the extra work caused some additional pain throughout the leg. The doctor also prescribed the wrong pain medication. On a scale of one to ten he prescribed a pain medication that was around a little over a one.
   Jenn and her mom are picking the new meds up after breakfast. Hopefully, this evening won’t be a repeat of last night and this morning and we can all get as much sleep as stinky butt. We need it to keep up with him.