Countdown to Dragon*Con:

Posted: August 26, 2008 in Entertainment, Holidays, Life

3 Days and Counting:

   Dragon*Con is closing in on us. The fun and palaver starts this Friday but the run around and the packing started yesterday. Our cloths are packed and the important needs have been taken care of. Tonight has been about getting the “want to” items packed.

   The “want to”items are the things we want to get signed this year. The list is huge and unwieldy so it must, of course, get reduced to the slight and easy to deal with. Right now the items on the must go list is small but growing. Robert Llewellyn is a guest this year, so one of my Red Dwarf DVD covers is going to get signed by the man who played the greatest robot ever in sc-fi comedy. The crews from both The Mythbusters and The Ghost Hunters TV shows are there as well will be getting bugged to sign books and DVD cases as well. Oh, and a god amongst cult vampire horror, Lance Henriksen of Near Dark fame, will be attending this year.

   I know for a fact that I have to get Peter David to sign my hardcover, limited edition Fallen Angel collection. I started a small flame war on his site one tie when he announced the thing coming out so it would only be rigt to prove that I actually bough the thing. Laurell K. Hamilton will also be there and I have to get the first Anita Blake novel signed. I may even try to get a few copies signed for some friends at work.

   A huge attraction for me will be being able to see The Atlanta Radio Theater Company perform live again. These guys are great and their CDs are awesome. They have a great series of H.P. Lovecraft adaptations and a fantastic line of original works. I’ll be picking up a few new works for sure as well as getting them signed.

   Happy me. 🙂 Check out their website here:

   Unfortunately, one of the major attractions for me had to bow out this year. Sylvester McCoy, one of the best Doctors in Doctor Who history, was announced as unable to attend in just the last few days. Very disappointing for me since I’m a huge fan of his work on that show and in various audio dramas.

   Beyond all of that will be the stuff to buy, see, trade and enjoy. I’m just hitting the highlights here. For those of you that don’t know what Dragon*Con is all about; you can just follow the link provided below.

   But I need to go. I have to have as much ready as possible tonight because tomorrow will be… interesting to say the least. I’ll explain why in the next addition to this post.

2 Days and Counting:

   Not starting as well as it could. Getting lots done, but the problem is that I have the time.

   I just lost you, didn’t I? See, our plan was to set out sometime after 7:30 PM and drive all night to Atlanta. The idea behind that was that it was a really good idea to plant Ian’s butt in the baby car seat about an hour before his bedtime and let him zonk for the entire trip. In order to do that in the safest way possible, I’ve been pushing my sleep cycle a little farther back each night for the last few days. Last night I went to bed sometime around 5 AM wit the intention to sleep until about 1 PM. That didn’t happen.

   I woke up at around 10 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. As a result, we may be leaving a little earlier and dealing with a grumpy butt who doesn’t really like to be strapped into his child seat for long trips.

   Other than that we’ve got everything in order and the five of us (Jenn’s mom and dad are coming along as well to hook up with Jenn’s oldest sister, her husband and their two daughters at Dragon*Con) are heading South in just a little bit.


1 Day and Counting:

   Got into Atlanta, got four hours of sleep and got our Dragon*Con badges. Had a nice lunch, had a nice dinner and crashed. That’s about it.

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