Forget the stranger than fiction cliché… Truth is just f’n weird!

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Entertainment, Life, News

   Last night I went to bed and the world was what it was. This morning I wake up and find out that Julia Child, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, Chicago White Sox catcher Moe Berg, John Hemingway, son of author Ernest Hemingway, Quentin and Kermit Roosevelt, sons of President Theodore Roosevelt, Miles Copeland, father of Stewart Copeland, drummer for the band The Police and and Thomas Braden, an author whose “Eight Is Enough” book inspired the 1970s television series amongst many others were all operatives for the OSS. The OSS for those who don’t know was the forerunner for the CIA.

   And these guys weren’t just doing office work. Oh noooooooo. Some of the files coming out have these people working on top level projects and working behind enemy lines. Anyone remember a character actor by the name of Sterling Hayden? He was the crooked cop (Capt. McCluskey) in The Godfather. His files have him running missions behind the German lines, single handedly stopping some German plots and having at least one “run for your life” moment that rivals anything in a Hollywood film. His record is filled with notes of his heroism and almost reckless disregard for his own safety when it came to completing a mission and saving other people’s lives.

   The complete list should be available by this weekend, but what has come out today is absolutely amazing. There were some real Jason Bourne type of spy boys and spy girls working against the Nazi war machine who later went on to lead very public lives with very public personas that are almost impossible to reconcile with the information of the lives they once led that is coming out today.

   I know better than to believe that spies, agents and special operatives look like Matt Damon and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ve met guys that used to be in the cloak and dagger business. I’ve met guys that used to do counter terrorism. Hell, I’ve met the former Navy SEAL who founded SEAL Team Six. I knowthat the cover of the book ain’t as easy to judge as it should be. But some of the people involved in the declassified documents coming out today? Blew my f’n little mind.

  1. Bill Myers says:

    My girlfriend’s best friend learned only a few years ago that her father had been a CIA operative. I don’t know if he was doing anything exciting but it blew her mind to know that this man she had known for three-plus decades had had a secret life!

  2. jjchandler says:

    Yeah, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got family that, years after the fact, were able to talk about the fact that they were in the Intel game. They never talked about what they actually did in any detail, but it was still one of those “Oh…” moments.

  3. jjchandler says:

    Also, anyone wanting to track some of this should check out this website:

  4. Jay says:

    Yeah… That kinda freaked me out six ways from Sunday. Total out of the blue moment. I flipped on CNN Headline News and thought that they were talking about some strange new fall TV show concept. It just wouldn’t compute in the ol’ gray matter for a good minute or so there.

    Still cool as all hell though.

  5. Bill Mulligan says:

    You know, I could have sworn that Julia Child had been “outed” some time ago.

    Wasn’t there also some story about Jack Kirby and the supposed LORD OF LIGHT movie/theme park that was also a front for something?

    And remember the end of the world? Yeah, the end of the world! What do you mean, what am I talking about? When we all had to get on the giant space ark and go to the new planet? And we never told the stupid people because we didn’t think they could handle…oh. Oh. Right. Nevermind.

    (Old Steve Martin routine, copyright Old Steve Martin)

  6. jjchandler says:

    Julia Child was sorta outed once but dodged the outing. Back when everyone was doing bios on her they added one and one and almost got two. Julia came out and said that she was an office secretary working for the US government while in between point A and point B in her life. Everyone went along with it because, hey, who was gonna believe that Julia was running around in the field playing Spy Girl?

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