Archive for August 4, 2008

   So, I’m having problems sleeping these days and I decided to chill on the recliner rather than bother the wife. I decided that I needed to relax so I pulled up a movie on the DVR from the Sci-Fi channel’s Sunday Night movie.

   I start watching the ever so more than slightly bad ‘Legion of the Dead” and get less than ten minutes into it before wanting to throw an f’n brick at the TV. Was it because of the bad acting? No. Was it because of the bad plot? No. Was it because of the bad CGI? No.

   It was the cigarette scene.

   They blurred the scene. Three times. The guy lifts his cigarette to his mouth three times and each time they blurred his hand and mouth so that you couldn’t actually see the cigarette in his mouth.  60 seconds later he gets a metal spike through the chin and up into his cranium. Oh, and a guy is killed by having the skin burn/melt off of his skull later. And they show it in all its glory. All the violence is there as well.  And just prior in the day, during the afternoon hours and not the prime time hours, they have film where violence, blood and guts were on full display for all to see. Oh, and an attempted rape scene as well.

   But we have to blur out that evil cigarette!

   Look, I don’t smoke and I never have. Jenn doesn’t smoke either and we’re both going to be trying to raise our son to not smoke. But WTF? It’s legal, people do it, people do it in public and the government taxes the crap out of the people who do it. It’s a part of life. But we’re going to get so anal about about it that we’re going to censor scenes of smoking on television in prime time now? The same time and channels where you can see drug use by the way. Sci-Fi has had movies on in the last few weeks where people were stoned and got that way on screen.

   But we have to blur out that evil cigarette!!!

   Look cigarette Nazis; go away, get a life and stop screwing with all of our lives. If you can’t do that then just fuck off.