Posted: July 25, 2008 in News, Politics

   Seriously… Why did the little green men from Mars kidnap John McCain’s brain and will they return it before the first McCain/Obama debate?

   His little flubs in the last few months were bad enough. His constantly reversing who the Shia and the Sunni are, his multiple gaffs about Iran supporting Al quaeda in Iraq and his getting nailed by Tim Russert and others over declaring that he never said something that he said several times (including to Tim Russert) have been bad enough for his credibility.

   But what the hell has happened to the man in the last two weeks? McCain was in Pennsylvania and gave an interview where he discussed his time as a POW. In the course of the interview,he spoke of the personal connection that Pennsylvania had for him during that time. He mentioned how he fooled his captors by giving them the names of players from the Pittsburgh Steelers as the names of members of his unit in order to satisfy his interrogators.

   Ok. Two problems for McCain here. The first is that McCain has actually used that story as why he is against torture. You know, that position he did a wild 180 on to run as the GOP’s man. He brought up a story that shows, yet again, that being for torture is kind of a daft idea since you don’t get good information. Oh, and it was also a problem for McCain since he made up the story for the interview.

   McCain has told that story a number of times before, written of it in his autobiography and referenced it in his now flip-flopped opposition to torture. In every version that’s been told before it was the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line that he said he used. Did he just have a massive brain fart or did he actually think that he could get away with “customizing” the story in this age of 24/7 news channels, wall-to-wall video sharing and Youtube? I don’t know, but I just kinda rolled my eyes and didn’t think about it after that.

   But this last week has been just been nuts for McCain. First McCain goes on CBS and claims that Obama is totally wrong about what has happened in Iraq and it’s “just history” that The Surge lead to the Anbar Awakening and allowed the safety of those behind it. Oh, we had to find this out later by the way as CBS doctored their own interview footage to cover for McCain and edited part of an entirely different answer into being the total answer to the question where McCain boneheaded it. But the media loves Obama and is in his camp. Anyhow…

   The thing is that the Anbar Awakening came before The Surge. Our having to bribe militant leaders into a ceasefire and the Saudis doing the same came before The Surge. And the Sheik who masterminded the Anbar Awakening was assassinated last year by terrorists in Iraq during The Surge. But McCain goes on undeterred.

   In the last few days, McCain has redefined the components of The Surge and replaced the historical start of The Surge with various other dates. As of this morning, if you go by McCain’s latest version, The Surge would have been underway before the damned thing was even created.

   And someone stop the man before he comes off sounding any dumber with his newest word game fun. The Surge, you see, my friends, is just the counterinsurgency. Uhm… No, John. The “Surge” was so named because Karl and crew found that name to be more palatable to the American people than calling it what it really was; The Escalation. It is not now and never was some cutesy shorthand for saying “counterinsurgency.”

   But the hits just keep coming as McCain tries to explain his way deeper and deeper into the hole he’s digging here. By the time of the interview clips playing this morning, he’s only just short of claiming that we were able to invade Iraq thanks to the success of The Surge.

   Oh, John, when you say the Iraq is the first major conflict we’ve faced since 9/11? Nice slap at the guys who actually went into Afghanistan and fought the people who actually attacked us on 9/11. But I guess you can be forgiven for forgetting about them in your zeal over the Iraq War. Your role model Bush did the same thing as well.

  1. atomcat says:

    Obama brings the New World Order to America.
    Read the story then read the Green Agenda to visit the future.
    November is going to be interesting.
    If you vote for the “Left” It’s rule by the UN.
    If you vote for the “Right” America will be integrated with Mexico and Canada.
    The people of America need to vote for anyone, except Obama or McCain.
    Pick someone and everybody vote for that person.
    Take America Back now or say goodbye to the land of the free.
    The choice is yours America.
    Read the Green Agenda at to find the real meaning of Obama’s words.

  2. Micha says:

    Jerri, McCain’s mistake seem to go beyond silly. Bush seemed stupid but funny, but it turned out that he was dangerously stupid. Is it possible that McCain’s is seriously and actually not working correctly? Alzheimer?

    Oh, and I think your site is starting to draw random surfers. If so, where are all the loose women you claim to draw?

  3. jjchandler says:

    I’m starting to wonder about McCain’s mental capabilities as well. I was being snarky in my post, but a couple of times this week I’ve actually wondered if he’s not slipping away before our eyes. And I’m not saying that to be glib or funny. That’s a nightmarish thing to see happen for the family and a nightmare for the person to live with. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone other than maybe someone who wants to forget the nightmares of their own past.

    McCain may just be hitting the point where he’s starting to slide slowly downhill. He’s having way too many “senior moments” and it’s not funny. The tricky thing is that this isn’t something that can be brought up in a campaign without getting whoever addresses it and the candidate that they’re backing killed.

    As for passers by…

    I let this one slip in just because it was so funny. I get tons of almost obscene random passers by. You should have seen the language displayed in most of the binned replies for my Hillary and Obama threads. I might have approved them if the things had a point, but most were just hate filled screeds questioning my intellect, parentage, sexual preference, ties to the Klan and wishing that I would die a slow painful death due to fill-in-the-blank.

    This one was… sane-ish… and funny. The poster has a big thing for The Green Agenda conspiracy theory. That thing is funny as hell. A curious person my log onto their site and is met by tons of devilish sounding quotes from all of these people like Al Gore that want to see a greener world. Most of the quotes are wrenched out of context or incomplete so that the quote could be made to be more sinister sounding as well.

    But, for me, the crown jewel has to be the posting of the “Prayer to the Earth” and the attributing of it to a “US Student Textbook” as though this evil thing is being taught in the public schools. It doesn’t say what textbook mind you, just that it’s a US student textbook. No mention is made of grade level, topic of study or context of the teaching of this evil prayer in our schools to our tender young minds.

    There’s a reason for that. It’s an out and out lie.

    The citation is linked to a PDF file for the July – September 2000 Quarterly Report of the Indiana State BoE.

    All 49 mind numbing pages of it.

    Of course they don’t tell you where to look or what to look for and they don’t guide you to the page with any sort of reference in the citation. So, of course, I actually read the thing once when I came across this conspiracy theory before since the failure to make it as easy as it should be is usually a good sign that they’re telling fibs to you.

    Buried on page 21 is a breakdown of Altman V Bedford Cent. School District. The case stemmed from complaints about a teacher who was teaching Indian culture to the class. The courts felt that simply reading things like “How Ganesha Got His Elephant Head” to a fourth grade class didn’t violate church/state (it was the teachings of the culture and not religious instruction) and was permissible. It did rule that making the students construct likenesses of various deities out of paper was a bit too much and could be seen as the school endorsing the Hindu religion.

    So, where does “Prayer to the Earth” come into this? It’s simply referenced as one of the “myriad of issues and colorful characters” discussed in the case. That’s it. Likely discussed due to it’s relation to the Popol Vuh and a variation of the prayer within it. But their “source” does not reference it as being in a US student textbook. The school did, by-the-by, screw up there as they hade the students construct worry dolls and promoted the prayer as a part of the educational experience. It was ruled as going too far and being to close to promoting the actual religion even though that is not what the school was doing.

    But, according to these liars, that constitutes the prayer being in a US student textbook. But even if it is in a textbook somewhere out there, is it really a bad thing if it’s in a textbook designed to teach students about other countries, other cultures and other peoples throughout history? No it’s not unless you’re a fruit bat conspiracy nut.

    Micha, they actually have to see me to want me that bad. The mojo doesn’t work via e-mojo.

  4. Bill Myers says:

    McCain’s “senior moments” aren’t necessarily indicative of Alzheimer’s. Logically speaking it may make little sense to try to get away with fudging facts or changing one’s story in the age of the Internet, but human beings aren’t always logical.

    His numerous gaffes with respect to the surge aren’t surprising given that he’s staked the bulk of his credibility on the argument that he was right about it and Obama is wrong. To acknowledge that he was incorrect may in his mind be tantamount to folding his cards and giving this hand to Obama. Desperation can breed stupidity. Doesn’t mean the man’s mind is deteriorating.

    As for the sheer number of gaffes, the 24-hour news cycle provides more opportunities for them. And different people respond differently to that pressure.

    It’s certainly possible he has early stage Alzheimer’s, but then again, a lot of things are possible. Given that there is more than one plausible explanation for his behavior, I’d say worries about Alzheimer’s are premature to say the least.

    McCain’s real problem is the latest news from Iraq: female suicide bombers today killed 61 people and wounded 238 in Kirkuk and Bagdad. If this touches off a sustained spike in violence, “the surge is working” may well be McCain’s political epitaph.

  5. jjchandler says:

    It may not be and likely isn’t indicative of Alzheimer’s, but it’s not a good thing by any means. I’m not sure that he’s blowing these spots and mixing stuff up just because he thinks he can. He may actually be having some sort of short in his wiring even if it’s not Alzheimer’s.

    I’m not saying this as an “Oh my God we can’t vote for him!” type of thing. It just actually has me worried some days.

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