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   Ok, If you know me at all then you knowI’m a wrestling geek. I have videos, DVDs and books on the history of the business. I can tell you trivia going all the way back to Hackenschmidt and Gotch. And, yes, horror of horrors, I like some of the wrestling autobiographies out there.

   Mick Foley’s books were the best out there for my money. They’re funny, informative and very reader friendly. Several times when I’ve been asked about a wrestling book for a non-wrestling fan who wanted to learn something about the business and some of the personalities in it; I’ve recommended his books with some reservations. Foley has a quick wit and an odd sense of humor that shines through in each page. However, he also discusses some subjects in a manner that might confuse someone who doesn’t know the business and he certainly discusses a few subjects that might shock the hell out of some people who don’t know the business.

   But then, back in November of last year, I was given another book.

   I liked the wrestler who wrote the book, but I had a lot of stuff I was doing, reading and working on. I already had a back list of books to read and several of them of the nonfiction variety were, shall we say, rather dry and hard to get through. But I kinda had to get through them because I was trying to learn a thing or two. So, anyhow, I got through them and looked at my book pile. I decided I’d read the one book that was the oldest in the pile. That one would be this one:

 Around the World in Spandex

   Let me tell you something… This is a great book. It’s funny, well written, very reader friendly and mostly safe for most ages. Chris Jericho’s life is an interesting one and the trip he took to be where he’s now at in his profession is entertaining as hell. From starting out as a kid in Canada who idolized the Hart family, rock stars and his Hockey star father to his travels through the various wrestling companies in Mexico, Japan and America learning his craft; this is a thoroughly entertaining story that’s very well written and very smartly done.

   Honestly, you could do a lot worse for a fun summer read than this book. If you like humor, if you like humorous looks at traveling the globe, if you like action and/or if you like stories about someone coming from nowhere and, with a few really bad bumps along the way, making their dreams come true then this is a book for you.

   And one of the great things for me about the book is that it’s guaranteed to have a sequel. Chris is still relatively young, he’s still an active wrestler and kinda rock singer and the book only covers his pre-WWF/WWE days. The book ends with the “Millennium” countdownthat occurred just before Chris Jericho stepped through the curtain and onto Raw for the first time.

“A coming-of-age, follow-your-dreams story that is both fun and inspiring. It’s a great read!” – Janet Evanovich, #1 Bestselling Author

“This may be the first-ever autobiographical, action-adventure, how-to-achieve-success book ever written. Dreams do come true. Happy endings still exist. This book proves it.” – Jim Ross, “The Voice of the WWE”

“I was really enjoying this book, empathizing with Chris’s plight as an aspiring wrestler, laughing out loud at many of the dead-on depictions of some of the more colorful characters in our business. Suddenly, all that enjoyment stopped as a wave of momentary panic crashed right into my literary ego. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. ‘What if this book is better than mine?'” – Mick Foley, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Three Times WWE World Champion.

   What they said and then some. Buy this book and have a good read.