The Last Three Weeks.

Posted: April 19, 2008 in Life

   I was going to type up the laundry list of the things that have been keeping me busy the last three plus weeks, but I decided against it. After talking with Myers on the phone the other night I decided that most of it would be boring and dull to the average reader. Who wants to read about lawn care, chopping wood, protest groups and insane people anyhow. Therefore I am just going to hit a few highlights for those of you who don’t know the details of the major stuff.

   Jenn’s surgery went off mostlywithout a hitch. They went in one extra location to get after her gallbladder and that kinda bruised up the muscles around the ribcage a bit. I took some time off from work to play Mr. Mom to Ian with the aid of his two grandmothers and he seems to have come out ok. He did get a bit upset that mommy couldn’t pick him up and play with him all the time and do all of her “mommy” things and he has though, since Jenn fully recovered, become rather mommy fixated and gets upset when she leaves the room without him even if I’m in the room. That’s been wearing off the last couple of days, but he’s still rather clingy about mommy.

   I had a few work ups and downs that I really don’t want to get into or just plain can’t get into on a public blog. One thing that was a sorta down is that our street walker from the “sucks” no showed his court date with me and two other court dates around the time of mine. Don’t know what happened to him. Hopefully it wasn’t something fatal, but there’s no way of checking since he had zero ID on him of any sort whatsoever.

   I’ve been working at writing with mixed consistency and results. I keep trying to ditch the project that has me stymied and so something else but that one just keeps getting in the way of being able to do anything else. I may have to try and pick Mulligan’s brain on this one since no one I work with or know around here really gets the concept…

   And I must confess to wasting time for about five days running. I was in a bit of a funk and just sulked in my computer room and argued zombie “rules” and mythology for half of that time on a couple of IMDB boards.  Still, that did end up producing a zombie scenario visual that I’d love to see on the screen one day. Imagine a Dawn 2004fast zombie running full tilt at you while, due to its advanced state of decay, partly falling apart as it runs. I’d pay good money to see that.

   And, yes, I was sick for 24 hours after seeing the new color commentator of ECW butcher the job for one hour of ECW. God… I thought that Coach was bad at the job. Adamle makes Jonathan Coachman seem like Gordon Solie.

  1. Bill Mulligan says:

    Adamle is so bad that Paul Heyman thinks Vince did it on purpose. That’s hard to believe but Vince is a strange guy.

    Anyway, glad the surgery is over. My wife ahd her gall bladder taken out as well–no fun but the pain didn’t last long.

  2. Sean says:

    Eeesh, why is it ALWAYS pouring on the Chandlers? Someone I work with just had her gall bladder out and pushed herself too much, PLEASE don’t let Jenn do this anytime soon.

  3. jjchandler says:

    YOU try and stop her, Sean. She is, as we… ur… “speak” at her mom and dad’s getting ready to help her mom out after her upcoming knee surgery.

  4. Sean says:

    Yeah, saying that and doing that, two totally different things. Like me trying to talk Stace into staying in bed an hour and a half after giving birth. Methinks this’d be a similar losing arguement.

  5. Jennifer Chandler says:

    Yes, he completely lost the arguement.

    But I have gotten her vegetable garden planted, her herb garden planted, and her sewing room reorganized and cleaned.

  6. Micha says:

    Well jerry, that was my second guess as to why you were absent from your blog. I just thought the zombie option was more plausable.

    Jenn, it’s good to hear you are doing well.

  7. Bill Myers says:

    @Jerry: “After talking with Myers on the phone the other night I decided that most of it would be boring and dull to the average reader.”

    I know you bored the living hell out of me. But then again, you always do.

    I am sorry to hear Jenn ended up with a bruised rib, but glad to hear the surgery went off without any other hitches. And yes, she should take it easy.

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