Monopoly alert: Spread the word

Posted: February 20, 2008 in Entertainment

We bring you this little bit o’ info from Peter David’s blog.

  1. Micha says:

    The US doesn’t seem to be doing very well. I wonder if it’s because Americans aren’t participating enough or that you aren’t focused enough in you voting. New York definitely deserves a high place. Los Angeles is tricky. Not much of a city but certainly a cultural center. Similarly Las Vegas, the capital of bad taste but certainly a significant place. San Francisco probably belongs on the list. Maybe DC. Beyond that, I’m not sure. You have a lot of major iconic cities — New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia… but do they belong on this list?

    Interesting cross Atlantic snobbery. PAD looking down at Istanbul, which is a pretty nice city from what I saw, with major history. A Spanish guy looking down on American cities as lacking in History and culture. Yet Memphis Tennessee probably has more cultural significance in the last 70 years than Istanbul. In any case, Istanbul is no longer no. 1.

    Unfortunately Europeans have what to be snobby about: they have a a lot of cities with both history and contemporary culture. It would be hard to choose. I don’t know enough about the far east, but there are certainly many eastern cities that belong on the list — Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai…

    And what about Canada, Australia, South America?

    Buenos AiresAires was no. 1 last time I checked.

    I don’t know if Jerusalem belongs on the list. For historical reasons, maybe. I wonder if Israelis pushed it onto the list. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I think some Israelis complained that it doesn’t say that Jerusalem is in Israel or is Israel’s capital. The usual political bullshit coming from all sides.

  2. Sean says:

    Speaking historically, I can see Philadelphia MAYBE being considered. If we’re going with the current city, that I live a sneeze and a burp outside of, I just don’t know.

    We should get a few of the make-yer-own-opolies and do great horror locations. Camp Crystal Lake, Elm Street, Pittsburg, that Last House Not On The Right, Vlad’s castle–it could seriously be twisted fun.

  3. Bill Mulligan says:

    Hey, off topic but is anyone going to Conooga (sp) this weekend? It’s in Chatanooga and I’ll be there with the FOREVER DEAD crew for some panels.

    I’m sick as a wet dog too so this may well be your last chance to see me in person though I’m looking into having my skull preserved after death so I can keep making appearances in movies…probably as a skull.

  4. Bill Myers says:

    There’s a VP at my company who is from Turkey. When I told him that Istanbul had leaped to number one in the votes he burst out laughing and said there must be a lot of people in Turkey with a lot of free time on their hands. He honestly couldn’t believe Istanbul came out on top.

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